Stray Kids "Back Door" MV Outfits & Fashion Breakdown

Stray Kids "Back Door" MV Outfits & Fashion Breakdown



Stray Kids is on fire as they show off their amazing dancing skills with their song “Back Door”. 



Stray Kids dropped their music video for their cool song “Back Door” last September 14 at 6 p.m. KST. The music video surpassed over 284 million views on YouTube, meaning this is their second highest most viewed music video on YouTube.


The music video and everything are perfect enough to have millions of views right? Now let us all appreciate their outfits in the music video. See Stray Kids’ outfits below.


Stray Kids “Back Door” MV Outfits


Hyunjin’s Look #1

Hyunjin looks so good in his first outfit with his Heroes print T-shirt by Raf Simons.

Shop Raf Simons Heroes Rose Print Oversized T In Weiss 

Heroes print T-shirt


Bang Chan’s Look 


For his second outfit, he also wore a Vetements tattoo-printed top.

 Vetements Tattoo Print High Neck Stretch Mesh Top in Natural ...

Tattoo-print High-neck Top

Changbin’s Look


He paired his Vetements tattoo-printed top with an Acne Studios button-up for his look.

up shirt with Express Delivery - Tecnologias Tommy hilfiger T-shirt M Short  Tommy Hilfiger - WakeorthoShops - Shop brown Acne Studios twill button 

Twill Button-up Shirt

 Vetements Tattoo Print High Neck Stretch Mesh Top in Natural ...

Tattoo-print High-neck Top

Felix’ Look


Felix looks so good wearing a Salute black moon vest.

 Stray Kids' Closet • 스트레이키즈의 옷장 on Twitter: "Felix ...

2020SS Moon Vest

Seungmin’s Look #1


Seungmin wore a large-fit T-shirt by Marine Serre for his outfit.

 Moon print short sleeve T-shirt | Marine Serre |

Large Fit T-shirt White/Red

Seungmin’s Look #2


He wore an off-white Jardin Majorelle T-shirt by Saint Laurent for his take on the  light-colored tee.

 Saint Laurent 603303 YBPB2 JARDIN MAJORELLE T-shirt White

Jardin Majorelle T-Shirt

Lee Know’s Look


Lee Know's outfit includes this Palm Angels logo-printed shirt.


Glittered logo cotton t-shirt by Palm Angels | Tessabit

Logo-printed T-shirt

I.N’s Look

I.N, for his white-tee look, wore the Vetements and The World Motorhead oversized T-shirt.

 Vetements - The World Motorhead Oversized Printed Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt -  White

Oversized Printed T-Shirt

Han’s Look

Han looks great in this outfit, which includes a Saint Laurent Palm Tree print shirt.

saint laurent palm tree sweatshirt

Palm Tree Print T-shirt

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