"Talk that Talk Choreography Video & Fashion Breakdown" | UnnieLooks

"Talk that Talk Choreography Video & Fashion Breakdown" | UnnieLooks

All photos credits to: JYP Entertainment via YouTube.

After the release of the 'Talk that Talk' M/V, the nine members are back again in pulling netizens to their dance performance video! 
The choreography and the whole performance is well-synchronized. The sharpness and clean movements during the duration of the whole video. These women are unbelievably talented, of course, fashion icons too!
TWICE choreography performance for their latest comeback 'Talk that Talk' got praised for the light and cheerful vibe it brought with their own cute and cool outfits. Their Y2K fashion appealed to the fans and non-fans who got hooked by their dance video.
One of the comments said they look like princesses in their outfits, and indeed! Starting with the color combinations is immaculately picked and presented, though some of their outfits' colours are from each hues and shades, those are vibrantly well with one another. To be specific, here are each member's outfits from their choreography video.


1. Nayeon

Nayeon, wearing a light blue terno from a jumper, that layered on her white tube cropped top, to her pants. All cute and cool. The pants hug her waist neatly, showing her curves. Her white top has a design on its hem, ties to ribbon and show quite cuteness. 

2. Jeongyeon

The light purple pants and jacket plus her top, Jeongyeon, totally slayed with confidence with this outfit. It looks very comfortable and gives the impression of simple yet beautiful. Her body figure positively gives off the fellow feelings vibe. Solace of her hairstyle and the comfort her outfit brings. 

3. Momo

Purple pants and bralette halter neck that layered on her white top. Momo pulled that outfit! Plus, the boot-cut low-waist pants fitted her curves, parading her sexy belly button. At the back, it is hard not to praise the tie of her purple top. Her white baseball cap complemented her Y2K fashion style, added some swag.


4. Sana


Baby pink terno, Sana exhibits her innocence with her light coloured outfit. Such a cutie on her pants and jumpers, with the same hue, completes the look with white top. Though it's not that noticeable, the sleeves of her cropped jumper reach her palms because of its unique length.

5. Jihyo

A moss green flared high-waisted pants with a white asymmetrical halter-neck top, Jihyo does justice to these wardrobes. Her neutrality with these outfits suited her vibe as well. Super duper fine! She ate and left no crumbs on it, the bareness of her shoulder blades are flawless and silky smooth to look at because of her top.

6. Mina


Mina on her cyan blue coloured pants is what a sight! Her unique white cropped top is such a mood, a good to-go-look. Her hair highlights are also one of the factors. Not able to seek small details on her outfits, nonetheless she looks simple and gorgeous as always. Mina's body figure says classy and chic.

7. Dahyun 

The only one who's wearing a skirt! Love the difference, Dahyun is rarely seen wearing a skirt on dance practices videos, but after this choreography video, it is enticing to see her in a beige camel colour of skirt and a cropped jacket. 

8. Chaeyoung

A buttermilk yellow wide-leg high-waisted pants on Chaeyoung looks warm and pleasant, the vibrancy isn't that irritating but rather calming. The few flower designs on her white upper cloth were so compatible with the color of her pants. Her long sleeves are quite conservative as it covers her arms.

9. Tzuyu

Gray pants that hug her curves nicely, the cropped jacket one buttoned to cover the tube with proper design. Tzuyu's wool jacket was designed as an off-shoulder top, her flawless shoulders were exhibiting so beautifully. Without a doubt, beauty. 
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