Top 10 BLACKPINK Jennie Chanel Bags

Top 10 BLACKPINK Jennie Chanel Bags




Everyone can’t deny that they really love bags. As part of our daily outfit, bags became one of the most important accessories that we should have to look more classy and sophisticated. There are a wide range of bags in the fashion industry. Many top luxurious fashion brands start their products from bags and are known for having great quality bags. 

BLACKPINK Member Kim Jennie is one of the best and ideal fashion icons nowadays. She is known for being a “Human Chanel” that exists in this world. Jennie is a brand ambassador and the face of Chanel as she represents and promotes all the products of Chanel bags to clothing. Her charismatic beauty catches the attention of the famous luxurious brand and asks her to be part of their big family. 

On BLACKPINK Jennie’s trending and perfect outfits we all noticed that she’s always wearing and using Chanel products and outfits. Jennie loves having a bag, especially a Chanel bag beside her to make her outfit complete. As a way of showing her devotion and loyalty to the one of the famous, luxurious and top rated brands in the field of fashion industry, BLACKPINK Jennie show’s how beautiful and aesthetically pleasing Chanel’s bags are with her outfits. 

If you are looking for some ideas on what kind of Chanel bag you should buy, well this blog is for you! Here are the “ Top 10 BLACKPINK Jennie Channel Bags”. 

 Photo  credits to: British Vogue

1.Chanel 19 Waist Bag

BLACKPINK Jennie wears this bag on her VOGUE pictorial. The sophisticated and classy theme matches her outfit and also her Chanel 19 Waist Bag. This pink Chanel bag gives a classic vibe that makes her style at the magazine look more stunning. In Chanel 19, the chain strap is permanently attached to the bag, which means it cannot be doubled-up as it is the case in the Classic Flap.

Photo  credits to: Vogue

Photo  credits to: Pinterest

2. Chanel Orange Flap Bag

Aside from having a unique color, this Chanel Orange Flap Bag gives an extraordinary vibe with its style also. The aesthetic vibe that Chanel Orange Flap Bag makes looks attractive that will definitely fit your perfect outfit.

Photo  credits to: Pinterest

Photo  credits to: Pinterest

3. Chanel Vintage Lambskin Mini Kelly Flap Bag

This black quilted lambskin vintage Chanel Mini Kelly flap bag with gold-tone hardware, rolled top handle, single patch pocket at wall, maroon leather lining. This perfect bag will definitely match your taste. With its outstanding and simple style, this bag will complete your outfit ouf the day.

Photo  credits to: TV REPORT

Photo  credits to: Pinterest

4. Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag

Named after no less than Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel herself, the Gabrielle bag was launched in 2017 and was among the last few collections designed by Karl Lagerfeld. This attractive bag is really a catch for you. The style, color, size and everything is perfect and will definitely fit your taste.

Photo credits to: Pinterest

Photo credits to: AMBERMR

5. Chanel Knock On Wood Top Handle Bag

BLACKPINK Jennie used to wear this chic tote crafted of tweed. The shoulder bag features a sturdy wooden top handle, a gold chain link leather threaded shoulder strap. This captivating bag is perfect for your simple outfits for simple events.

Photo  credits to: ST

Photo  credits to: Pinterest

6. Chanel Waist Bag

Waist bag are one of the most convenient bag to wear. It is easy to wear and can be partnered on whatever outfit you have. Chanel Waist Bag is one of the top and best selling bags they have. This kind of bag can be worn whatever style you want like BLACKPINK Jennie.

Photo  credits to: Pinterest

Photo  credits to: Pinterest

7. Chanel 19 Maxi Flap Bag

For timeless Parisian-chic there is no better investment than a Chanel flap bag. Chanel 19 Maxi Flap Shown Crossbody, Shoulder, and on the Crook of the Arm. The maxi size is the largest of the three. It is definitely large and it is perfect for your everyday sophisticated outfits.

Photo credits to: Vogue
Photo credits to: Pinterest 

8. Chanel Square Flap Bag

We all know how famous Chanel’s Flap Bags are. This minimalist and small square bag it is. BLACKPINK Jennie used to wear it with her fabulous outfit.

Photo credits to: Jennie Instagram account  

Photo credits to: T/W 


9. Chanel Black Backpack

Backpacks are one of the most famous kinds of bags that ladies wanted to have for their styles. Chanel loves to go to the trend so they also have Chanel backpacks. This Chanel black backpack is worn by BLACKPINK Jennie with her girly outfit on her trip abroad.

Photo credits to: Pinterest

Photo credits to: Pinterest

10. Chanel Chain Plain Dumma Bag

Last but not the least, this attractive Chanel Chain Plain Dumma Bag is worn by BLACKPINK Jennie with her striped outfit. This bag has a unique style that makes it look fashionable and enchanting. 


Photo credits to: Pinterest

Photo credits to: Pinterest
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