Top 10 BLACKPINK Rosé Outfits With Saint Laurent

Top 10 BLACKPINK Rosé Outfits With Saint Laurent



BLACKPINK Rosé is popularly known as being the first global ambassador of Saint Laurent, one of the top luxurious fashion brands globally. As known for being the face of Saint Laurent, Rosé is committed to help and support the famous luxury brand by wearing and promoting the products of YSL for every outfit she’s wearing. Recently BLACKPINK Rosé got an invitation to join and attend the most awaited Paris fashion week of Saint Laurent. Her magnificent and amazing look makes everyone jaw drop. But BLACKPINK Rosé and Saint Laurent are not yet finished to surprise us this year. Their amazing and surprising appearance and participation at the last Met Gala this year made everyone scream and get excited as they saw their favorite BLACKPINK member, Rosé, debut on her first Met Gala red carpet. 

Rosé became more popular than before as she debuted as a fashion icon and influencer in the fashion industry. Her style has been an inspiration to others and become the main inspiration for their everyday outfits. As showing her devotion and loyalty to the luxurious brand, Saint Laurent. Rosé always mentions the famous top star store on every Saint Laurent outfit she’s wearing. Her relationship with Saint Laurent became closer and stronger. BLACKPINK Rosé is making her name in the fashion industry as she wears and represents one of the most outstanding and overrated luxurious fashion brands these days. 

As everyone wanted to copy or get a fashion outfit idea on her Saint Laurent outfits, here are the “Top 10 BLACKPINK Rosé Outfits With Saint Laurent”. 


1. Saint Laurent Sleeveless Dress In Silk Georgette And Sequins

On Saint Laurent Fashion week event held in Paris, France. BLACKPINK Rosé received an invitation to participate and attend to the most awaiting fashion week of the famous luxurious brands. Saint Laurent chose BLACKPINK Rosé as their first ever global ambassador. It is such an honor to the both parties to have themselves work together and be a family with Saint Laurent. Blinks are so excited to the point that they have to standed by and wait for BLACKPINK Rosé updates on her Instagram account sharing her memorable fashion week. BLACKPINK Rosé is wearing a black sleeveless silk dress from Saint Laurent and she literally took the stage that night. 


2. Saint Laurent Mini Dress In Sequined Knit and Feathers

With her collaboration photoshoot with Saint Laurent, Rosé mentioned the luxurious fashion brand on her Instagram account and showed to her fans that she’s wearing the fancy elegant feather and sequined knit dress. This retro style dress gives her a retro vibe that makes her look more aesthetically pleasing. 



3. Saint Laurent Long Dress in Wool

This simple and elegant dress that BLACKPINK Rosé wore is from Saint Laurent. We can’t deny that the more simple the dress is the more it highlights and emphasizes the beauty of someone like Rosé. Rosé looked more stunning in this backless dress that makes her look a meticulous and sophisticated old money person. Her style really makes her gorgeous and amazing. What a lovely long dress right?



4. Saint Laurent Long Dress In Wool

 On her surprising announcement and appearance at the most awaited Met Gala of the year. BLACKPINK Rosé attended the event with her Saint Laurent customized dress. She walked and posed confidently on the red carpet with Anthony Vaccarello, the famous fashion designer of the luxurious brand, Saint Laurent. Her simple yet elegant dress made everyone turns their head as she arrived at the event.  



5. Saint Laurent Lace Trim Velvet Mini Dress

This girly simple black and white mini dress makes BLACKPINK Rosé look simple and cute. Her style and everything matches to her dress outfit. A total barbie doll vibe right? Her elegance and simplicity makes her outfit look more perfect for her. 



6. Saint Laurent Resort 2022 Look 17

 This silhouette dress makes BLACKPINK Rosé look glamorous. This dress is made from Saint Laurent and one of the best dresses that the luxurious fashion houses have. With her blonde hair, Rosé matches and perfectly fits this outfit with her extraordinary visuals.



7. Saint Laurent Tuxedo Jacket In De Poudre and Saint Laurent Lavalliére Blouse

 With her another collaboration pictorial with Saint Laurent as the luxurious fashion brand’s first ever global ambassador. Rosé shared on her Instagram account that she’s wearing a Saint Laurent’s top as her outfit for the photoshoot. She really looks amazing with this outfit, no doubt that she’s really the face and the ambassador of the famous luxurious brand.




8. Saint Laurent Classic Teddy Jacket And Short-Sleeve Pleated Dress In Viscose Crepe

 This simple and pretty outfit is one on BLACK Rosé’s outfit styles. Wearing a black jacket and dress feels like she’s comfortable with this outfit. Rosé shared a post on her Instagram wearing these Saint Laurent clothes. She really looks simple and comfortable with her boyish-girly outfit. 


9. Saint Laurent Crochet Sweater

 When Rosé had her time to travel and enjoy her rest days after some big events she had, she definitely spent it going and hanging out with her friends and spending the whole day enjoying it. On her Instagram post BLACKPINK Rosé shared her photo dining in a high-class restaurant with her Saint Laurent top. This knitted top gives a korean outfit vibe that really fits BLACKPINK Rosé’s visuals. 




10. Saint Laurent Cropped Cotton T-shirt

We can’t deny that just a plain white t-shirt can look elegant and sophisticated if BLACKPINK Rosé wore it. By just having a simple outfit Rosé literally slays on her white plain t-shirt from Saint Laurent. 


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