Top 10 BLACKPINK Rosé Stage Outfits

Top 10 BLACKPINK Rosé Stage Outfits



The biggest girl group of Korean pop, BLACKPINK, had always shook people especially their fans with their visuals and outfits. It will always the fashion and the whole style they brought. Specifically speaking, stage outfits have been the talk of people on the internet.

Seeing posts in any social media platforms, it becomes trend. BLACKPINK sets the bar of fashion stage outifts, becoming iconic everytime. Here are top 10 BLACKPINK Rosé slayed stage outifts! 

Photo credits to: Persona, Ultrarosechaeng

1. Coachella

This type of Rosé was so iconic. With designed sequins top and bottom, it showed vulgarity yet for some reason it was also conservative-lookinh due to see-through long sleeves. Plus her wavy blonde hair added the innocent sexy vibe with her outfit.


Photo credits to: Pinterest

2. Parisian

The all-white style presented the purity and cuteness. From a button-down long sleeves cropped top to her high waisted mini pleated skirt. And the beret black hat gave more Parisian appearance.

Photo credits to: Rosiness 0211

3. Galaxy

No sleeves and just fitted shinning and shimmering gold and silver details on a mini dress. The dress was looking like a galaxy, truly antonishing to gaze at. This was the outift that gone viral for her iconic catwalk during a performance of DDU-DU-DDU-DU and Forever Young.


Photo credits to: First Love, Only for Rosé

4. Swag 

The tube top was enough to be paired with a denim jumper. Only one strap hang on her straight-line shoulder. It looks very cool and can be worn in public. 

Photo credits to: Pinterest, SBS

5. Queen

People mistakenly find her as Queen Elsa from a Disney film from this look! The braid of her blonde hair gave that feels. Plus her asymmetrical long sleeve white top and wrapped high waisted mini skirt killed it. She glowed like an angel.
Photo credits to: Pinterest

6. Thin-waist

Rosé is widely recognized as one of the K-pop idols who has small waist. After knowing that her waist band was really a headband, it made big stir online. Plus her outift looked like BLACKPINK's lightstick! Pink puffed sleeves, heart tube top, and of course her high-waisted skirt.
Photo credits to: Pinterest

7. Player

Simple purple jersey, printed with number 24 on it. It appeared a dress because of its size but it was enough to make her look for their performance beautiful and swag, very suited for their song 'Pretty Savage'. Very chic but boyish. 
Photo credits to: Pinterest

8. Teen

A school uniform but a stage outfit?! A coat, high socks, pleated skirt, white undercloth with a loosed necktie is a very hot teen high schooler, especially when it is worn by Rosé. The small detail like the chain. 
Photo credits to: Pinterest

9. Barbie

A gown turned to a mini dress. The stylist really gave Rosé what was fitted for her and her body. The hot pink gown seen on her On the Ground M/V was made to a stage outfit mini dress. As her blonde hair was tied up on a high ponytail, fans saw her as a real life Barbie doll.
Photo credits to: Pinterest

10. Ethereal

During their world tour, the solo performance of Rosé was heavenly for their fans and who watched their concert. Besides her beautiful unique voice, the aura of Rosé with her gold mini dress and her feathery long coat. It was magically printed to everyone's head.  
Photo credits to: Pinterest
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