Top 10 Clothing Brands Blackpink Endorsed

Top 10 Clothing Brands Blackpink Endorsed




Blackpink is known for their fashion and styling, various articles and numerous trends. This was shown in every aspect in this industry. Each member has their own signature brands and what they represent from stage outfit down to casual fashion styling, from informal like out of town getaways to formal gatherings and fashion weeks. 

Often issued on covers in some well-known magazines like Elle, Vogue, Bazaar, Marie Claire and their latest, Rolling Stone. The YG Entertainment’s girl group, Balckpink is largely recognized by their music and talents, also their charisma and how they bring out themselves in the public. 

And so as of today, they are lingering within every bit of the music industry all over the world. Their power and influence got them the opportunity to represent popular clothing brands.


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1. Louis Vuitton

Yes! Before the revolution of queens of K-pop, Blackpink had a great endorsement,  featured in Elle Korea Magazine 2018 alongside CL, BigBang Taeyang, and many more artists with the Louis Vuitton brand. This campaign got ethereal photoshoots and the natural beauty of each member was shown and praised. The floral dresses and the concept itself were absolutely gorgeous. 

2. Adidas

The brand has been the backbone of Blackpink. They have seen the girls’ growth throughout the years of doing campaigns with them. In fact, during the 70th anniversary of Adidas, Blackpink was present and commemorated the launch of Adidas Ultraboost with David Beckham, such an iconic moment. The girls were dressed in sporty, casual cropped tops and high waisted pants, and skirts from this brand. Very brisky looking, a to-go gym outfit.


3. Celine

September 2020, it was announced globally that Lisa from Blackpink will continue to endorse the brand as their newest global ambassador. Thus, she was one of the celebs in the global campaign Celine Haute Parfumerie.


4. Penshoppe

Lisa Manoban became the global brand ambassador of the brand Penshoppe, joining the lists of its ambassadors like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Zayn Malik and Sandara Park. The clothing brand got more recognition especially in Southeast Asia as Lisa paved the way and how her fans supported her for it.


5. Yves Saint Laurent

Rosé is the brand's first-ever global ambassador since it was founded 59 years ago. It was a great achievement for the brand also for Rosé, the main vocalist and lead dancer of Blackpink. After announcing her as their global brand ambassador, many campaigns have been raining. The sales became much greater than the previous market of the brand throughout Asia. Represented the brand always and even go the chance for MET GALA 2021 with the creative director, Anthony Vaccarello.


6. OiOi

Korean clothing brand founded in 1997. It wasn’t recognized globally that much until Rosé became its endorser and ambassador. It is truly amazing to see such a brand can be generally acknowledged internationally after gaining influence by a popular artist, and that is Rosé.


7. Chanel

After the public knew Jennie Kim from Blackpink is officially one of the global brand ambassadors of Chanel, it was never a surprise. Since she was always associated with the brand in the very beginning. Attending their fashion week, campaigns and many more! The chic Parisian was brought to Asia and popularized more, becoming a trend because of Jennie as they say, she’s the human Chanel.


8. Jacquemus

Jacquemus is widely known in western countries, featured a lot because of fashion shows and trended because of Gigi Hadid’s catwalk. But the influence of Jennie after attending its fashion show in Hawaii got people hooked by her sexy summer Caribbean outfit.



9. Dior

Having numerous endorsements with Dior, the brand secured their partnership with Jisoo as South Korea ambassador, Blackpink’s visual and lead vocalist. Through the influence of the artist, Christian Dior got amazing access in South Korea. The brand even held a fashion runway this year, in the month of May, overseen by Maria Grazia Chiuri.

10. Michaa

A Korean fashion brand that empowers femininity, a unique form of elegance. Jisoo supports and works for the brand in their clothes collection. The professionalism advocacy was given to every wardrobe which makes the brand liked and favored.


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