Top 10 Concert Stage Outfits That BLACKPINK Lisa Has Worn

Top 10 Concert Stage Outfits That BLACKPINK Lisa Has Worn

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa always hype the center stage with her absolute force to be reckoned with onstage! With her sharp dance moves, killer rap verses and an indomitable stage presence, all eyes are on her and her fiery performances. Her visuals just add to her already incredible performances, and fans always talk about how good she looks on stage! Lisa is the most followed kpop girl group on Instagram with over 80.9 million followers all over the world. As she takes off the stage, her fans are amazed by her amazing stage outfits that made their jaws drop for a moment.

Here are some BLACKPINK Lisa’s Stage Outfits!


Photo credits to: Pinterest

1. All Red Puffed Sleeve Outfit 

Lisa absolutely slayed this all red puffed sleeve-look perfectly! She used this outfit on her “LALISA” concept photo and on her stage performance in Inkigayo. With this outfit she shows off her amazing talent and killer dance moves.


Photos credits to: 피니노트

2. Pink Fluffy Outfit 

On her “LALISA” stage performance on SBS Inkigayo, Lisa wore this cute and attractive pink fluffy outfit. She really captivated her fans’ attention with her double high ponytails and her fabulous neck accessories. 

Photo credits to: SBS

3. Love Sick Girls Outfit 

On her Inkigayo performance, Lisa wore this outfit while performing their famous song “Love Sick Girls”. With her wonderful haircut and style Lisa draws attention to everyone by her look on stage.

Photo credits to: Pinterest


4. Old Skool Outfit 

On her performance on stage with their hit song “Boombayah”, BLACKPINK Lisa wears her gangster student outfit. This outfit is inspired on the old skool era wear where everyone partnered their school skirt with their graphic long sleeve.


Photo credits to: Riku

5. Black-Pink Glittery Outfit 

At BLACKPINK's concert, Lisa wears a glittered pink top and boots with a black fitted short. This outfit is really a black-pink outfit for the BLACKPINK member Lisa.


Photo credits to: Pinterest


6. Colorful Top Outfit

Lisa is wearing a colorful top for her solo stage performance for their concert. This fabulous and colorful top captivates attention from the audience. While she’s showing off her moves, this stop follows her sways and everything. Plus the colors of the top makes it more attractive.

Photo credits to: ph

7. Coachella Outfit 

We all know how hot BLACKPINK Lisa is on their stage performances, especially on her Coachella stage performance. With her co-members, Lisa confidently wears her black and silver cropped top outfit. This is her one of the best stage outfits she wore before. 

Photo credits to: Pinterest

8. Pretty Savage Outfit 

As always, Lisa slays on her “Pretty Savage” stage outfit. She’s totally a bombshell with her swag—sexy outfit. This kind of outfit has become very popular among kpop girl groups after Lisa used to wear it on her stage performance.

Photo credits to: Pinterest


9. All Black Outfit

We can’t deny the supremacy of all-black outfit. This kind of style gives you a dark vibe of yourself but with your mini skirt, the vibe will be a light-dark-cute vibe. It is also one of the most popular outfits that Korean girl groups used to wear back in 2017. 

Photo credits to: Modelpress

10. Purple-Black Outfit 

Black and pink is not the only good color combination you can have. Lisa used to wear a purple-black outfit to their concert and it really made her look stunning and attractive on stage. Her bewitching beauty, Lisa shows off her amazing look by just wearing it confidently. 

Photo credits to: Edelstein
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