Top 10 Dresses BLACKPINK Jisoo Has Worn

Top 10 Dresses BLACKPINK Jisoo Has Worn



With her very own visuals, BLACKPINK member Jisoo never let anyone steal her spot as number one on having the most beautiful faces in the Korean pop industry.  BLACKPINK Jisoo became one of the most influential fashion icons in the K-pop industry. Her extraordinary beauty became her asset. Being the visual of the biggest Kpop girl group sensation, BLACKPINK Jisoo always serves us her enchanting and fairy look that makes everyone fall for her.

With her korean beauty, she literally slays on every single performance and appearances on stage and everywhere. Jisoo was recently chosen as one of the brand ambassadors of the famous luxurious brand, DIOR. She’s known for having a girly-sweet-innocent type of fashion style that’s why she’s perfect for the said brand. 

Jisoo's fashion style transcends the seasons, whether it's summer, spring, autumn, or winter. This fashionable celebrity looks stunning in her outfits, which include cropped cardigans, socks, and shoes, miniskirts with loafers, puffy sleeves, and floral dresses paired with bright earrings. 

Her bright and innocent look makes every outfit she has beautiful and elegant. BLACKPINK Jisoo may slay in every outfit but she looks so awesome while wearing dresses. As everyone wants to dress like her, here are the “Top 10 Dresses BLACKPINK Jisoo Has Worn”.

Photo credits to: Jisoo Instagram acco

1. FOR A DAY Crochet Lace Dress

Giving a royalty classic aura vibe with her outfit, BLACKPINK Jisoo is totally awesome with this laced dress For A Day. This dress is a high quality and handmade dress, perfectly made to look elegant and simple.

Photo credits to: Pinterest

2. Alexander McQUEEN Off The Shoulder Ruffles Knit Dress

Black stretch viscose knit off-the-shoulder dress with contrast ivory ruffles with black tipping details, and mini volume skirt. BLACKPINK Jisoo used to wear this simple yet expensive dress from Alexander McQUEEN. The elegance of this dress is perfectly fitted to BLACKPINK Jisoo’s visuals.


Photo credits to: Pinterest 

3. Alexander McQUEEN Sky Print Dress

BLACKPINK Jisoo is a total bombshell with her sky print dress from Alexander McQUEEN. This V-neck midi dress features a Blue Sky print on poly faille. Finished with silver zip detailing. She used to wear this dress for her Rolling Stone magazine outfit.


Photo credits to: Rolling Stone


4. DIOR Spring 2019 Collection 

Jisoo is wearing an extraordinary dress from the famous fashion luxury brand DIOR. The dress is one of the key accessories from the Spring-Summer 2019 collection in pictures. The dress is from the fashion collection where the team is Circus Carnival.

Photo credits to: MK 스포츠

5. DIOR Autumn-winter 2022-2023 Ready To Wear

At the heart of the Dior autumn-winter 2022-2023 ready-to-wear collection, Maria Grazia Chiuri's creations entwine aesthetics and perfection. BLACKPINK Jisoo is wearing a dress from Dior. A fancy glamorous and elegant dress with detailed styles and patterns all over the gold dress.

Photo credits to: Pinterest


One of the famous and elegant dresses that BLACKPINK Jisoo ever wore before during her DIOR fashion week is this black dress from the said luxury brand. Jisoo looks so fabulous and charming with this black silhouette dress. Her perfect face makes the dress look attractive and captivating. 

Photo credits to: Pinterest 

7. DIOR Black Long Dress

This silk attractive long dress should be on your cart! By having its own charisma, this dress looks so fancy even if it looks very simple. This dress is made simple and black to draw attention to everyone as this dress slays by its simplicity.

Photo credits to: ELLE 

8. DIOR Cruise 2022

The Dior cruise 2022 show is unveiled in the heart of the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, a treasure of antiquity also known as Kallimármaro. BLACKPINK Jisoo attended this fashion week in Spain as one of the faces and the ambassador of the luxurious brand, DIOR. She looks stunning with her ethnic pattern white and black dress.

Photo credits to: Pinterest 

9. Self-portrait Tailored Crepe Bow Mini Dress

ittle black dress from Self-Portrait comes in a form of this Tailored Crepe Bow Mini Dress. This strapless design has a fitted waist featuring internal corset, oversized bow on the chest and falls to a fitted mini skirt. This little black dress can be also worn as an off shoulder design as it comes with a detachable halter strap for multiple styling options. BLACKPINK Jisoo used to wear this fancy dress on her ‘Ice Cream’ poster.

Photo credits to: Pinterest 

10. Dior Spring Summer 2021 Ready To Wear

With this dress, BLACKPINK Jisoo looks like a goddess as she confidently poses with this peacocks dress. This dress is made with high quality and features in the Chistian Dior Spring Summer 20201 Ready To Wear collection. With its great design and style this dress can make you look like a goddess and make everyone fall for your look. 

Photo credits to: Pinterest
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