Top 10 Fendi Outfits IVE's Yujin has worn in 2022

Top 10 Fendi Outfits IVE's Yujin has worn in 2022

IVE's YUJIN Has Finally Joined The Fendi Family!

Global luxury house Fendi announced on January 17th that IVE's Yujin has been selected as the official Korean Brand Ambassador.

Yujin said, "I'm happy to be with Fendi, who presents great projects across creativity and experimental spirit. I'm looking forward to future activities with Fendi."

Do you find what she wears interesting? Then check out these eye-catching outfits worn by IVE's Yujin below!

1. IVE's Yujin First Look

Yujin is no doubt a big promoter of the Fendi Brand as its Ambassador. You can see how much she enjoy wearing and flaunting Fendi outfits in her social media accounts and one of these are her businesswoman-like style.

She donned a Dark Gray Wool Jacket paired with a Black Chiffon Pants. Beneath her jacket is a Black Chiffon Top. Her accessory bags are PeakAboo ISeeU Medium and a Mini PeakAboo Exotic Detail. Her jewelries are O'Lock Earrings and Baguette Bracelet.

2. IVE's Yujin Second Look

Her second outfit it has the opposite vibes from her first one. In this theme, she sticked with a bright tone look. She confidently donned a FENDI Beige Shearling Cape and beneath it are Multicolor Viscose Jumper paired with a White Denim Shorts.

Her ear decoration is an O'Lock Earrings and she also displayed a Fendigraphy Small Bag. For her footwear, it's a Fendi First.

3. IVE's Yujin Third Look

Yujin's next look is something we all wanted to wear. She looks charming and very feminine in her floral-like pink dress.

She beautifully wore a FENDI Fendace Multicolor Silk Dress and she matched her Fendace Brooch Mini Baguette bag with it. Her only body ornament is a FENDI Baguette Earrings.

4. IVE's Yujin Fourth Look

As she enjoyingly dance for her Tiktok sponsored video challenge. She also exhibited a stylish and colorful outfit from FENDI. These are Multicolor Mohair Pullover partnered with a White Denim Pants. Her accessories are Baguette Black Leather Bag and an O'Lock Earrings.

For her footgear, she sported a Fendi Match White Suede Low Top with a Fendi Sock from its Resort 2023 Collection.

5. IVE's Yujin Fifth Look

Yujin's fashion airport look is always something you can look forward to as she usually donned a cozy and warm looking outfits. On that day, she pulled off a FENDI Black FF Crocheted Cashmere Pullover paired with a Black FF Crocheted Cashmere Skirt.

Her sole accessory is a FENDI Baguette White FF Canvas Bag while her shoes is a Fendi Match White Suede Low Top.

6. IVE's Yujin Sixth Look

Her top sixth outfit in our list is this denim style look. She presently wore a FENDI Blue Denim Dress paired with a Blue High Heels FF Chenille Court Shoes. She carry out a FENDI Black Leather Baguette.

As for her shining body ornaments, these are all TIFFANY & Co. T1 Ring Yellow Gold, T1 Narrow Diamond Hinged Bangle Gold, T1 Wide Hinged Bangled Gold, and lastly, a T1 Open Hoop Earrings.

7. IVE's Yujin Seventh Look

Her another airport fashion look is another set of comfy style. This time, she wore a bright colored pieces from FENDI. These are White Nylon & Mohair Pullover paired with a Dove Gray Drill Skirt.

On top of these two clothes is a a MAX MARA Icon Madame Coat. She also sported a FENDI PeakAboo ISeeU Bag.

8. IVE's Yujin Eighth Look

Her one more airport fashion look is still comfy yet kind of sexy to look at. These are an all-Fendi outfit. She flaunted her alluring thigh by wearing a Dove Gray Mohair Cardigan with a Dove Gray Knit Dress.

She showed off her Baguette Phone Pouch and sported a Fendigraphy Black Leather Rider Boots.

9. IVE's Yujin Ninth Look

Her other airport fashion look is this one wearing a casual and comfortable clothes. She presented a Camel Color Cashmere with a Black Dress beneath it. She displayed her PeekABoo ISeeU Small Bag as well.

For her footwear, these are Fendi Socks from its Resort 2023 Collection and a Domino Beige Biker Boots.

10. IVE's Yujin Tenth Look

Yujin's last but definitely not the least top Fendi outfit look in our list is her daring attire for the 2022 MAMA Awards - Day 2! This is definitely a hot and 'to die for look'.

She sexily flaunted a FENDI Black Viscose Dress paired with a Black Boots and her sole accessory is an O'Lock Earrings Gold.


[All Images by IVE Yujin & K-Medias via Starship Entertainment]
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