Top 10 Best Kpop Girl Group Outfits At The Airport

Top 10 Best Kpop Girl Group Outfits At The Airport



Travel restrictions are now lifted. Everyone is excited to fly to our dream destination places and countries, but one of our problems is how to look good while going to our destination. Since we all know that Korea has a great sense of fashion, We are always looking for some ideal fashion outfit that might be our outfit inspiration. 

Kpop girl groups always have a good sense of fashion especially when it comes to airport fashion. Since they need to travel to every country for their world tour or concerts, some are just going to have a vacation to another place or country. Airport fashion outfit is one of the highlights of every travel moment. You should look good on your travels and make everyone look for you. If you want to get airport outfit look ideas from your favorite kpop idols, here are the “Top 10 Best Kpop Girl Group Outfits At The Airport”. 


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1. BLACKPINK Kim Jennie

Pretty! Pretty Savage! Kim Jennie of Blackpink is literally a bombshell. She dress up like a queen of savage for her airport look. She’s wearing a white ribbed bodysuit and fitted denim jeans with a tweed white jacket with denim paired with high cut black boots. To make her fashion outfit look more aesthetically pleasing, she’s wearing the famous gentle monster 1996 01 sunglasses. This outfit is one of Jennie's best airport outfits . 

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“Feel My Beauty” vibe does the RED VELVET member Wendy gives us in her airport outfit. With her simple but attractive outfit. With her stunning beauty, Wendy showed us how perfect her airport outfit is. Wearing a zip up white jacket and pleats skirt with white lace up boots and miu miu wonder bag. Wendy definitely makes everyone fall for her great visuals. She’s literally queen of the queens. 


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How you like that Rosé? Everyone is always amazed on how Rosé chooses her everyday outfit especially her airport outfit without their costume stylist. Rosé has a great taste in choosing her outfits, and she never fails to make us fall for her enchanting beauty. A black crop top tee and pleated jeans, black bucket hat and white sneakers, she literally finished the show! Her simple outfit made her fans fall deeper and deeper for her. This outfit is so easy and good to be your everyday outfit also. 

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Everyone is “Crazy Over Liza”. Her swag aura and everything makes everyone idolize her style. Liza is known for being fashionable, having a great taste of fashion sense. Lisa is one of the best kpop artists who dresses so well. One of her most memorable airport outfits is she’s wearing a Modded Harley top and the 90’s ripped jeans. Partnered with her Low top retro sneakers and a handbag. This outfit is totally awesome and simple.


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5. (G)I-dle Miyeon 

Oh Senorita! Miyeon is a member of (G)I-dle under Cube Entertainment. Her extraordinary beauty captivated everyone. Aside from having great visuals and talent, Minyeon is known for being in vogue. Her fashion sense is so great that results in her perfect and remarkable fashion outfits like on her one airport fashion look. She’s wearing a varsity jacket and loose denim pants paired with Nike’s dunk high game royal sneaker and LA Beanie. To complete her style she also has a purple handbag. This style is so ideal especially if you want to look hype and swag like Miyeon. 

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Step Back! The real queen has arrived. We all know Taeyeon of Girl’s Generation. She is one of the biggest singers in the Korean music industry. Known for her  famous songs “All About You” and “Fine”, Taeyeon really made her name over the past years. Aside from being known as a great singer, she’s also a great fashion icon. One of her unforgettable airport outfits is her all black girly outfit. She’s wearing a studded cropped black jacket and a black mini dress with her elegant looking boots, and of course a handbag to complete her look. This look is so sophisticated and lovely that will suit for you if you want to dress up like her.

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7. TWICE Sana

“Can’t stop me” to fall for Sana, Twice member Sana is known for her great and heart taking visuals. Everyone is going crazy over Sana. Her perfect body and face are really captivating.On one of the best airport outfits, she’s wearing a cropped denim jacket and a black turtleneck shirt and shorts. Her look will not be completed without her lace up boots and black shoulder bag. This outfit is so simple yet attractive.

Photo credits to:  엑스포즈뉴스

8. ITZY Yeji

Wannabe Yeji? We all know that ITZY Yeji is known for her swag look. Her glaze makes our heart skip. Yeji is also known for having a swag fashion sense. She’s a fan of wearing boyish style outfits. One of her best outfits is on her airport look. She's wearing an oversized denim jacket and black ripped jeans pants and shirt.l with her pair of white sneakers. Her simplicity always makes her more attractive. This outfit is one of the best airport outfits you should try. It gives you a western vibe fashion style.

Photo credits to: Newsen

9. MAMAMOO Hwasa

Maria, Hwasa is known for being the hottest of the hottest kpop girl artists. Aside from being a hottie, she is known for dressing sexy and fashionable outfits. One of her best airport outfits is she’s wearing a bralette top and a trouser with a pair of high heels. Her look is so sophisticated and elegant that made everyone drop their jaws when they saw hwasa arrive at the airport. This outfit is so cool and with a touch of being hottie like Hwasa. 

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Better be Yeri, we all know how yeri dress up. Her girly fashion sense that made everyone fall for her beauty. Yeri really loves to dress bubbly and cute, but one of her newest airport outfits she dressed differently that really made us speechless. Yeri is wearing a street style outfit. A yellow green printed long sleeves and cargo pants paired with her black platform sandals and a shoulder bag. This style is called street style fashion, giving a swag and cool vibe. 

Photo credits to: TV Daily 티브이네일리
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