Top 10 Gucci Outfits NewJeans' Hanni has worn in 2022

Top 10 Gucci Outfits NewJeans' Hanni has worn in 2022

NewJeans' Hanni continues its trend by being the Global Brand Ambassador of the Italian luxury brand Gucci.

Hanni's group New Jeans, which debuted in July last year, has been writing a new history in K-pop industry since the release of their first debut album, 'New Jeans." They captivated the public with their bold, sweet, yet attractive looks and styles.

Hani is loved all over the world as an iconic artist with pure charm and natural fashion sense. An official from Gucci said, "NewJeans' Hanni's firm style philosophy resembles Gucci's vision of embracing diversity and focusing on self-expression, making us pay attention to pop culture that melts throughout our daily lives.

Let's take a look at these eye-catching Top 10 outfits worn by NewJeans' Hanni below!

1. NewJeans' Hanni at Gucci Pop-up store

Hanni attended the Gucci Pop-up store last December 2022. She was wearing an all-Gucci outfit.

Her hair clip is a Crystal "Gucci" Hair Slide, her little cute hand bag is a Bamboo 1947 Mini Top, and her footwear are a Lamè GG Socks and Resort 2023 Sandals.

2. NewJeans' Hanni at Incheon Airport

Hanni's airport fashion has attracted so many viewers around the world. Her jacket is a EENK Vello Belted Zip-Up Leather Jacket and her skirt is a MSGM Black Quilted Mini Skirt.

For her footwear, it's a Coperni Leather Bridge Boots, and lastly her hand bag is a GUCCI 1955 Horsebit Mini Bag.

3. NewJeans' Hanni at Music Bank

Hanni was seen wearing a yellow Adidas x Gucci v-neck T-shirt and a Gucci Attache large shoulder bag on her way to Music Bank as her group promotes their debut songs.

4. NewJeans' Hanni at Incheon Airport

Hanni's another airport fashion consists of Lores Miki Kim Suminagashi Beanie and underneath it is a Black Panicbolt Beanie.

Her bottomwear is a Sculptor Vintage Cargo Lowrise Skirts and for her footwear, it's a Bottega Veneta Puddle High Boots. Her pink bag is a Gucci Aphrodite Small Shoulder Bag.

5. NewJeans' Hanni at Incheon Airport

Her airport fashion for this consists of Supreme x Griffin Zip Up Hooded Sweatshirt and a Nike Jordan 3 Retro Cardinal Red. To complete her look, she flaunted her Gucci Aphrodite Small Shoulder Bag.

6. NewJeans' Hanni at Incheon Airport

Although it was only taken this year we still included it because it is one of her iconic Gucci looks. This outfit consists of Three To Eighty Bolero Bomber Jacket and underneath it is a Gucci Cruise 2023 Cosmogoine Hoodie.

For her bag, it's a Gucci Ophidia GG Small Hand Bag and for her footwear, it's a Gucci GG Matelassé Loafers.

7.  NewJeans' Hanni at Gucci Music Bank

This was also only taken this year but we still included. Her look here is an all-Gucci outfit. These are GG Cotton Canvas Puffer Jacket and a Wool Jacquard Sweater for her tops while her footwear is a GG Shearling Effect Knee-High Boots.

To finish her overall look, she displayed a Gucci 1955 Horsebit Mini Bag.


8. NewJeans' Hanni at Gucci Cosmogonie Seoul

Hanni's only Gucci clothing she wore here is a Interlocking G-Tights. Her other clothes are Shrimps Raegan Hat, a 1017 ALYX 9SM Crystal-Embellished Mesh Mini Dress and for her footwear, it's a New Rock M-236-S1.

9. NewJeans' Hanni For W KOREA's December Issue

As Hanni became the Global Brand Ambassador of Gucci, she also covered the December issue of fashion magazine W Korea. She proudly displayed the two-colored Gucci Resort 2023 Look 6 Collection dress.

10. NewJeans' Hanni For W KOREA's December Issue

Hanni wore a Gucci Resort 2023 Look 81 Collection dress as well here for the W Korea's December issue.

All Images by NewJeans, W Korea, addictive_1006 via ADOR Entertainment
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