Top 10 Loewe Outfits NMIXX has worn in 2022

Top 10 Loewe Outfits NMIXX has worn in 2022

NMIXX Joins LOEWE As Their First Group Global Brand Ambassador!

Spain's leading luxury fashion house LOEWE officially announced that it has selected girl group NMIXX as its new global ambassador last September 2022.

Jonathan Anderson, Loewe's creative director, said, "We are pleased to welcome Nmix as Loewe's first group Ambassador. We look forward to the fun and lively energy that Nmixx will bring to this collaboration"

NMIXX then expressed their feelings about being chosen as a brand ambassador for the first time since debut, "It's a great honor to be a global ambassador for Loewe. Expectations are high as it will be an opportunity to add NMIXX's unique personality to luxury fashion. We can't wait to understand everything about Loewe House and learn more about Loewe's worldview on crafts and culture."

Do you find what they wear interesting? Then check out these incredible Top 10 Loewe outfits worn by NMIXX members below!


1. NMIXX's Lily at Incheon Airport

Lily's airport fashion look has a preppy and adventurous vibe. She's wearing a LOEWE Frayed Fisherman Hat in Denim and Calfskin. Her top is a 5252 By O!Oi Corduroy Jacket partnered with a Brown Pleated Skirt while her footwear is a LOEWE Deconstructed Sneaker in Denim.

2. NMIXX's Haewon at Incheon Airport

Haewon's airport fashion outfit is casual style. She wore a LOEWE Anagram Cropped Hoodie in Cotton partnered with a LOEWE Distressed Jeans in Denim.

Her sole accessory is a LOEWE Anagram Cutout Monochrome Bucket Bag and her footgear is a R13 Courtney Platform High Top Sneakers.

3. NMIXX's Bae at Incheon Airport

Bae's airport fashion attire is preppy and charming to look at. She's wearing an INSTANTFUNK Ms Monogram Wool Cardigan Navy and her bottom wear is a Brown Pleated Skirt.

Her only accessory is a LOEWE Mini Gate Dual Bag in Pebble Grain Calfskin. Her shoes is a UGG Classic Ultra Mini Platform Brown.

4. NMIXX's Jiwoo at Incheon Airport

Jiwoo's airport fashion look is almost like an airy style. She donned a LOEWE Hooded Jacket in Cotton and a CHARLES & KEITH Patent Cut-Out Buckled Mary Janes.

5. NMIXX Kyujin at Incheon Airport

Kyujin's airport fashion style is very adorable yet stylish. It's a LOEWE Anagra Tank Top in Cotton partnered with a ODDSTUDIO Back Slit Denim Skirt in Light Blue.

Her sole accessory is a LOEWE Compact Hammock in Satin Calfskin. Her footgear is a SMFK Compass Furry Snowman Tall Boots. And to complete her overall look, she wore a APIECEOFCAKE BS2B Baraclaba Bear.

6. NMIXX's Lily at the 2022 MAMA Awards

Lily slayed the 2022 MAMA Awards in her red carpet look. She presently displayed a LOEWE Bustier Jumpsuit in Wool and Silk.

7. NMIXX's Bae at the 2022 MAMA Awards

Bae's red carpet look is dark airy vibe. She beautifully showed a LOEWE Asymmetric Open-back Draped Chiffon and Crepe Dress.

8. NMIXX's Kyujin at the 2022 KBS Song Festival

Kyujin's red carpet look at the 2022 KBS Song Festival looks stunning. She flaunted a LOEWE Midi Draped Dress in Silk and a Sergio Rossi's Godiva for her footwear.

9. NMIXX's Haewon Looks Comfy And Beautiful In Her Loewe Outfit

In the first photo, Haewon revealed a LOEWE Scarf in wool and cashmere. In her second outfit, she donned a LOEWE Anagram sweatshirt in cotton with a Compact Hammock in satin calfskin.

10. NMIXX's Jiwoo Is Adorably Charming In Her Loewe Outfit

Jiwoo's Instagram update is a stylish look. She sported a LOEWE Anagram hoodie in cotton with a Scarf in wool and cashmere.


[All Images by NMIXX, K-Medias, & LOEWE via JYP Entertainment]
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