Top 10 Off-Duty Airport Looks from BLACKPINK

Top 10 Off-Duty Airport Looks from BLACKPINK

In case you didn't know, Incheon Airport is the unofficial red carpet for K-pop idols and celebrities. BLACKPINK is known to grace some of the most stylish looks here and we've compiled a list just for you

By: Julianne Babaran 

1. Material Girl 

Can't help but feel a sense of youth with the hair but the clothes are another story. Carrying a 400 dollar Chanel bowling bag and Ralph Lauren sweater, maybe the security are also protecting their outfits.  

2. 00's Revamp 

The dress with pants combo is giving really strong 00's vibe. The Alexander Wang T dress is telling us maybe this era is worth a second look. The bag, boots and jewelry comes from none other than Chanel. 

3. College Wear 

Coming from a Burberry Fashion event, it would be a shame to not keep a remembrance. Taken from Incheon, Jisoo wore a black tee dress under the cozy Burberry oversized cardigan. 

4. Burberry Baby 

On the way to attend the fashion show, Jisoo is decked out in Burberry, as seen in the bad, skirt and top. This neutral palette is a staple for any high end brand it's almost notorious. 

5. "I'd be the man"

It's sad to associate suits with only man, but Rose gives it a new meaning, wearing a full Yves Saint Laurent outfit, the cool look never goes out of style. The oversized blazer and wide leg pants can hopefully provide enough comfort. 


6. Blue Dress Magic 

Would believe us if we told you the bag is more expensive than the dress? Wearing a wrap dress from & Other Stories, the photographers and crowd would've been so happy to see such a pretty sight. Cop this dress to hopefully get the same effect.

 Photo Credit : 247kpopnews

7. Celine Game Strong 

En route to Paris, Lisa wore a Celine outline style blazer paired with a stark white bag from the same brand. The star seemed happy to go overseas finally being able to attend her assigned fashion event! 

8.  The airport dress code

This all black ensemble is funnily the contains the most diverse brands. Balenciaga takes the main stage providing the double breasted blazer, Celine for jewelry, Hermes for the bag and Adidas for shoes. The word wow is an understatement. 

9. Bear on Bare face 

She wears a denim jacket from Lowe and a Burberry Bear bag and white Converse, the head scarf is surprisingly local! You can find variations of this in street stores for just 10 bucks, others can be found online. 

10. Lady in Red

This bright red coat from MaxMara is unforgettable, such a refreshing look from all the neutrals and dark colors. Don't forget to peep the black Lady Dior bag!

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