Top 10 Online Stores To Buy Korean Celebrity Clothing

Top 10 Online Stores To Buy Korean Celebrity Clothing

K-waves like K-drama, K-pop, K-food and even K-fashion really influence everyone. Are you one of those who loves everything about South Korea? Especially when it comes to fashion styles? Korean fashion is now popular around the world, and is being worn by many international celebrities. This blog will guide you to find the best online stores to get your own outfits like your K-idols. 


1. 66Girls

66Girls is on the most budget-friendly online store that sells Korean outfits worn by your favorite K-celebrities. It is a combination of a shopping mall and 66Made clothing. So if you are looking for outfit inspiration from your K-idol, this shop is for you.

2. Yesstyle

Yesstyle is one of the world’s leading online fashion retailers. It offers the largest selection of Asian fashion, beauty and lifestyle products online. Browse items from countless categories and brands, all at affordable prices and representing the latest styles. It is an authorized retailer with over 300 brands from Korea, Japan and more. 


3. Unnielooks

The best KPOP inspired clothing. Unnielooks founders are siblings who have been big fans since 2011. To enable Kpop fans access to high-quality clothing in the latest trends, they watch out for trends, and new outfits that Kpop idols wear and will update in real-time on the site. 

4. GVG

GVG offers a wide range of Korean fashion products. You can create your favorite K-Pop idol-inspired look. The best thing is that the GVG store offers worldwide shipping and is super affordable. You can find your favorite signature style boots, jackets, pants, and hoodies from your korean idols.


5. Styleup K

Styleup K has a variety of Korean brands to showcase different styles. This store offers high-quality fashion items from your favorite K-Pop group. They offer various designs and styles that will suit your fashion sense. You may shop for several brands at Styleup K and only pay a one time international shipping fee. You can also choose your shipping with a minimum order purchase amount.


6. Mixxmix

If you want to have a trendy Korean outfit this store is for you. It has trendy outfits and gives you the vibe of Korean Celebrity style. Mixxmix has a wide variety of products from shorts, dresses, pants, shirts, blouses, or even shoes etc. You can also easily find and navigate the Korean Celebrity style at the navigation menu.


7. Kawaii Nation

If you want something lovely and cute K-pop outfits, this store is for you. Stylish and affordable clothing and accessories inspired by Asian pop culture are available here. You will find your favorite K-pop Idol-inspired merchandise and outfits by just browsing the shop. The K-pop group products and outfits including BTS, BlackPink, Twice, Red Velvet, IU and etc. are all available in this shop. The good thing is Kawaii Nation is supporting The Book Bus, an amazing charity that donates books to kids in Africa, Asia and South America for over the Last 10 years. With every purchase, they donate one book to the partner schools of The Book Bus.


8. Lianox

Lianox is a new fashion website that opened recently but it also became popular in terms of retailing Korean fashion wear. Aside from having an aesthetic variety of Korean outfits they also have a lot of fashion styles from East Asian countries. The store offers affordable processes and free shipping depends on your purchase. 

9. Coodibook

Codibook is known for having a great selection of Korean clothing. It has over 100,000 items of choices. This store only has clothes for women's clothing and you will find various brands here from smaller and more prominent brands. Prices also vary greatly depending on what Korean clothing brand you are looking for.


10. Chuu

Chuu is a Korean fashion store based in Gangbuk-gu Seoul, South Korea. You can navigate all fashion outfits easily.
They sell a wide variety of Korean clothing and accessories and empower the Korean women fashion style. They are also selling Korean and K-pop items which you can search on their store. 

These are the Top 10 Online Stores To Buy Korean Celebrity Clothing. Always remember to ask for help from the store for your sizes so you can get the perfect fit of your clothing. Those online stores mentioned above help you to achieve your dreamed Korean outfit look even if you’re not in Korea.

Select and add to your cart and wear it with confidence and smile!

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