Pearly Gates' 2022 Winter Season Campaign with its models, TWICE.

Top 10 Pearly Gates Outfits TWICE has worn in 2022

K-POP Superstars TWICE Remains As An Exclusive Models Of Pearly Gates!

Golf wear brand Pearly Gates announced on January 21st of last year that it has selected the girl group "TWICE" as its newest advertising models. According to the brand's assessment, TWICE's upbeat and vibrant energy is compatible with its brand identity.

Pearly Gates has been carrying out various marketing activities to strengthen brand intimacy with young golfers in their 20s and 30s. In line to this, its strategy is to actively strengthen communication with the MZ generation through TWICE, in which has established itself as a representative girl group of K-POP.

Along with their vibrant energy and charisma, TWICE has shown off their fashion sense by wearing exquisite Pearly Gates clothes. Let's look at these stylish outfits they have worn in the photos below!

Pearly Gates' 2022 Autumn Season Campaign with its models, TWICE.

1. TWICE's Tzuyu Looks Happy In Winter Season

Tzuyu from TWICE proudly displayed her stunning beauty while flaunting her winter coat from Pearly Gates. Her cheerful mood is infectious particularly her smile.

2. TWICE's Dahyun Is Stunningly White In Her Hoodie

Dahyun looks exceptionally pure and white, particularly when she is sporting the Women's Teddy Fleece Hoodie by Pearly Gates. Her beauty is truly radiates in this.

3. TWICE's Momo Looks Hot and Gorgeous In Her Jacket

Momo looks very attractive in this shot, and she can definitely flaunt how hot she is as she dressed in Pearly Gates' Women's 3-Quarter Sleeve Knit Zip-Up.

4. TWICE's Chaeyoung Looks Adorably Cute In Her Fur Vest

Chaeyoung looks so adorable in these images, and it looks like she's even enjoying wearing Pearly Gates' Black Women's Fur Mix Down Vest with a white hoodie underneath.

5. TWICE's Jihyo Shows How Much She's Into Golf

As you can see, Jihyo proudly displayed her status as a golfer. This is one of her hobbies that she is really proud of.

At the same time, she also showed off the different outfits she wore, all from Pearly Gates.

6. TWICE's MOMO Looks Refreshingly Gorgeous

Momo's outfit looks very refreshing to the eyes and you can feel the winter vibes here.

All the clothes she wore, from head to toe, were from Pearly Gates and she really proved that she can pull off this outfit.

7. TWICE's Jihyo In Winter Wonderland

Jihyo looks super cool and elegant in her Women's Fox Fur Goose Down Jumper top partnered it off with a Women's Brushed Padded Skirt for her bottomwear, all from the Pearly Gates.

8. TWICE's Momo In Her Exquisitely Winter Outfit

Momo looked elegantly in her sky-like outfit. This is a Women's Fluffy Mix Down Jumper paired with a Women's Leather Mix Culottes Skirt from Pearly Gates.

9. TWICE's Jeongyeon Is Ethereal Looking In Her Winter Long Hoodie

Jeongyeon looks very beautiful in her all black Pearly Gates outfit. It emphasized the beauty of her face. It is a Pearly Gates' Women's Fox Fur Hooded Down Long Padded.

10. TWICE's Sana Looks Like An Amateur Golfer

Sana's beauty is unfading and no joke, which really showed and came out in her Light Blue and White Outfit from Pearly Gates.

Her upperwear is a Women's Smile Terry Soft Hoodie that was topped with a Women's Smile Fluffy Vest. Her footwear is a pair of Women's Smile Chain Point Golf Shoes.

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