Top 15 BLACKPINK Remarkable Hairstyles

Top 15 BLACKPINK Remarkable Hairstyles




Every time BLACKPINK has their comeback they always have their different captivating new haircuts and styles. Hairstyle plays a big role in everyone. From hair color to haircut, BLACKPINK members always surprise us by their new look. 

Blinks are wondering what kind of haircut or hairstyle their favorite kpop sensation girl group, BLACKPINK has. If you are one of those blinks who wanted to know and have that kind of hairstyle too, well this blog is for you. Here are the “Top 15 BLACKPINK Remarkable Hairstyles”.



Short Bob Cut With Bangs

Lisa is back with her new project and hairstyle. Lisa’s haircut is called “Short bob Cut With Bangs”. Bob haircuts with bangs can flatter almost any face shape. For this cut, the face is a little longer, so adding longer bangs help frame it better. Plus, all that texture and layers really make this a wonderful short bob.



High Ponytail

This hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles that you can do to your medium or long hair. A high ponytail is like a free face-lift.Beyond practical reasons, people have also worn the ponytail as a symbol of class and status. During the Renaissance era, for example, women of nobility would decorate their ponytails with pearls, precious stones and veils while lower-class women would have worn cloth cords to secure their hair.


Double Braided Hair Ponytail “Pigtails”

Pigtails are tightly braided or plaited and look like a pig's tail. Hair gathered and allowed to hang loosely is a ponytail, whether singly at the back or one on each side. Most styles mistakenly called 'pigtails' are actually a double ponytail.



Medium Bob Cut With Bangs

On Blackpink Lisa's recent post on Instagram. Everyone is enchanted by her beauty and outfit, especially her haircut. Her hair is a medium bob cut with layers and bangs. Adding layers to a bob creates texture, movement, and the appearance of more volume. This is the perfect bob haircut for women with thin hair and will lessen the density for thick hair. Layering a bob will work for all hair textures and face shapes.


Twisted Pigtails

We see a lot of fun and colorful looks in the music video for Ice Cream, featuring Selena Gomez, but this twisted pig tail look is an eye-catcher. It’s easy to recreate this style by tying two pigtails at the top of your head. Separate the ponytail into small portions and twist the hair, use a small clip or a bobby pin to secure the twist and repeat. An easy Blackpink hairstyle!



Black Curly Hair

Jisoo surprised her fans by posting her photoshoot for the famous fashion luxurious brand, DIOR. With her curly black hair, Jisoo seduced her avid fans with her great visuals. Having curly hair added attractiveness to the person. Several studies have demonstrated that curls are seen as attractive.



Long Wavy Hair

Jisoo posted on her Instagram account with her wavy hair for “Dior’s Fall 21”. Her hairstyle is really captivating and made her fans go crazy for her. Wavy hair and curly hair are different. Curly hair strands cluster together and wind around themselves in a spiral or looser curl shape. This texture needs plenty of moisture to encourage a defined pattern, but a little frizz can give it personality. Wavy hair is when strands curve or form an "S" shape. Straight is when strands go straight up and down.



Bun Hair

A bun is a type of hairstyle in which the hair is pulled back from the face, twisted or plaited, and wrapped in a circular coil around itself, typically on top or back of the head or just above the neck. A bun can be secured with a hair tie, barrette, bobby pins, one or more hair sticks, a hairnet, or a pen or pencil. "Chignon" is the French word for bun, but in its American and British usage, it's an abbreviated term, originating from the phrase "chignon du cou," or "bun at the nape of the neck."


Red Party at Coachella

At Coachella, we saw a new look for Jisoo who usually wears her hair in a natural black or brown, she showed off this new reddish-brown hue. It was a head-turning and eye-catching look for Blackpink’s big debut on the Coachella stage. Each member had distinct hair colors for the Coachella performance, and while we don’t know if this was done purposefully it did make each member stand out in a good way.



Korean Hairband Bangs

This hairstyle became so famous after Blackpink released their How you like that MV. Jennie catched the attention of everyone with her two toned hair color and her so-called “Korean Hairband Bangs”. Jennie’s hairband bangs are especially famous all over the world. It became a trend and several celebrities worldwide even copied her famous hairstyle, too.


Oldie Goldie Style

All the girls were featured in Elle magazine in October 2020, but this vintage, wavy look worn by Jennie was simply stunning. A totally different take than the loose, long waves Jennie usually wears on stage, this hairstyle was elegant and classic, totally worthy of the cover page.



French Braid

A French braid, also called French plait, is a type of braided hairstyle. The three-strand gathered plait includes three sections of hair that are braided together from the crown of the head to the nape of the neck. BLACKPINK Rosé posted her photos on Instagram with her French braid hairstyle. She really loves braids!


Bubble Ponytail

Rosé posted on her Instagram her buble ponytail. This hairstyle involves pulling your hair into a traditional ponytail. Then, using hair elastics tied down the length of the ponytail to create smaller, round sections that look like bubbles. This kind of hairstyle is a fancy and sassy style that will fit ifor your elegant outfit.


Pink Hair for Roses

Rosé has distinctively thick hair. She usually wears it down, long and flowing even for performances. What we’ve seen is Rosé’s style expression through color like we said earlier there is no Blackpink hairstyle without a little (or a lot of color). So, we had to kick off Rosé’s list with this baby pink and silver look. It’s like the unicorn color trend but more subtle.



Princess Ariel Rosè

Are you getting The Little Mermaid vibes from this color or is it just us? With loose waves and a simple, down the middle part this hairstyle is all about this head-turning color. A good blow out with a round brush will help you recreate this look at home with or without the Ariel color.

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