Top 5 K2 Outfits Suzy Bae has worn in 2022

Top 5 K2 Outfits Suzy Bae has worn in 2022

Actress Bae Suzy Is Comfy and Joyful Wearing K2 Outfits!

Suzy Bae has been working as an exclusive model for the outdoor brand K2 since 2017. There is no doubt that she has lasted in the brand because of her beauty, which entices consumers, especially the youth.

Whether at work or on a normal day., Suzy is a proud endorser of the brand as she always promote and wear its products on her social media accounts.

Do you find what she wears interesting? Then check out these cozy K2 outfits worn by Suzy Bae below!

#1 SUZY BAE's First K2 Outfit

Suzy looks enjoying and happy in her K2 outfit which is perfect for the cold season. She's wearing an Alpine Team Kobold Original Down Parka Jacket in Dark Red with pair of denim pants.

#2 SUZY BAE's Second K2 Outfit

Her next K2 apparel is a 21FW Kobold Decimo Short Padding Jacket in Natural Beige. She proudly posted it on her Instagram account with a thank you caption.

#3 SUZY BAE's Third K2 Outfit

Suzy's third K2 outfit looks casual and cozy that can be worn in any season. It's a Lavender CODE10+ Half-Neck Sweatshirt partnered with a Beige Pink Corduroy Pants.

#4 SUZY BAE's Fourth K2 Outfit

Her fourth K2 outfit is a Kobold Decimo Natural Jacket while her footwear is a Crocs Classic Mammoth Charm Clog. She posted it in her Instagram account with a caption "It was really cold today. My heart is warm...🧣"

#5 SUZY BAE's Fifth K2 Outfit

Suzy's last K2 outfit is a Thin Air Vibe Jacket. She happily flaunts it through her Instagram update. She also thanked her Thai fans for sending her a coffee truck.


[All Images by Suzy Bae (Instagram = @skuukzky) & K2 via Management SOOP]
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