Top 7 Bra Brands for Gen-Z Women

Top 7 Bra Brands for Gen-Z Women

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Be honest! In choosing an underwear clothes, we consider the quality of it, the sizes and the comfortability it gives us. We even partner it with the color and texture to the outfit we style. And so, looking for the best brands is a need, there are many lingerie stores outside your home but let us face it, not all of it fits in the standard. Trendy, fashionable, and comfy, Gen-Z is for all of it.


Women of this generation exhibits more modern and stylish brand and good quality in terms of what they wear. That leads to be quite confused and then look for what they want. Either glamourous, timely, exquisite or maybe just normal and simple, though bras as an underwear, it still have to be fit within the taste of a Gen-Z woman.


Finding that suits your taste, problem no more! Here are the top 7 bra brands for Gen-Z women!



1. Calvin Klein

First of all of course, Calvin Klein sells great underwear which of course, including bras! Classic, sporty and effortless! Sorted in different categories for you to pick what you want! Plus, having Jennie Kim and Kendall Jenner as its endorser, this brand is something else!


2. Fleur Du Mal

Want to be more feminine and classy? This brand fully offers great styles and designs of bras that could totally suit your skin tone! Whether the color is bright or dark, it shows impact!


3. Nike

Aside from any other brands, there is Nike where you find athlete-like bras or to-go gym outfit that you prefer. Sizes are available! What's great about in their online shop, they offer bras especially for teens!


4. Oséree

If you are into minimal and no designs yet stunning underwear, bras under this brand is for you! Most of their styles are pure fabric with texture, to emphasize that even if no design, their offers are chef's kiss and could fit in the standard.


 5. Live The Process

Fresh and lively, those will be enough to describe this brand. Their bras are definitely such a beauty to wear. The twists and how it is created are aesthetically lush and contemporary.


6. Hanky Panky

 Looking for something comfortable, this is what you need. Hanky Panky is a lingerie brand that go for that, comfy and no-problem to wear! 


7. Natori

 This brand of lingerie, their bras brings comforts especially when the OOTD you wanna go for is simple like shirts. The bras are designed minimal too and often colored natural and neutral

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