TWICE Jeongyeon: Profile, Height, Statistics, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

TWICE Jeongyeon: Profile, Height, Statistics, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Yoo Jeong-yeon (유정연, originally named Yoo Kyung-wan) better known by her first name, Jeongyeon (정연) is a South Korean singer. She is a member of the girl group, TWICE, as a lead vocalist of the group.

Stage Name

 Jeongyeon (정연)

Real Name

Yoo Kyung Wan (유경완), but she legalized her name to Yoo Jeong Yeon (유정연)

Date of Birth

November 1, 1996


169 cm (5’7″)


50 kg (110 lbs)


-Apgujeong High School
-Imok Middle School


She likes jump roping and running

City of origin / Country

Suwon, South Korea


Singing, Dancing


Jeongyeon is a sociable introvert.

Ideal Type

Someone who makes her feel comfortable. Someone funny who can amuse her.

Personal Life

She loves watching videos of people eating food while chatting to the camera or with another person. She doesn't like affection as much as the rest of the members.


Kpop Idol, Singer Dancer

Hidden Talents

Jeongyeon plays the saxophone and the piano.

Fashion Brands Worn

Dating History / Rumors



ISFJ (Her previous result was ISFP)




Jeongyeon Facts

- Jeongyeon was born in Suwon, South Korea.

-Jeongyeon’s birth name is Yoo Kyung Wan. 

-She officially became a TWICE member on October 20, 2015.

-Her mother works at a Japanese restaurant owned by her maternal aunt.

-Jeongyeon trained to become a K-pop idol for five years.

-She officially changed her name to "Yoo Jeong-yeon" in the third grade because she was teased for her birth name "Yoo Kyung-wan" being too masculine.

-When Jeongyeon was young, she failed the JYP audition. She became a trainee after passing the JYP Entertainment’s 6th Open Audition on March 1, 2010.

-Jeongyeon was accepted into JYP and SM in the same day, but chose JYP.

-She is the younger sister of the actress Gong Seung-yeon.

-Jeongyeon and KARD's Somin are cousins.

- The leader of Twice was decided by anonymous voting. Jeongyeon was in 2nd place.

-She loves to play with Legos, she has a Lego collection at her dorm.

-She loves watching videos of people eating food while chatting to the camera or with another person.

-Jeongyeon knows how to play the saxophone and she also learned how to play the guitar.

- Jeongyeon likes ddeokbokki, meat, and golbangee muchim.

-She appeared in GOT7’s “Girls Girls Girls” MV and miss A’s “Only You” MV.

-She doesn’t use perfume, she uses body mist instead.

-She likes jump roping and running.

-She loves her bakery job so much that she thought of opening her own bakery shop.

-She wrote the lyrics of the song ''Love Line'', from their first full-length alboum Twicetagram. She said the song was about a guy from her elementary school.

-She has s dog: a Poodle named Nanan.

-On October 17, 2020 JYP Ent. announced that Jeongyeon will take a break due to psychological anxiety.

- She returned for “Alcohol-Free” promotions, but on August 19, 2021 it was announced she will go on hiatus again due to panic and psychological anxiety.

- She initially wanted a modeling career.

-Her favourite foods are ddeokbokki, meat, and golbangee muchim. She doesn’t like lotus, though.

-Jeongyeon is ambidextrous, meaning that she can write with both her left and right hand.

-She also worked as a barista in her friend's café during her second hiatus. While working as a barista nobody recognized her.

- Jeongyeon is called the mother of TWICE.

- Jeongyeon’s father Yoo Chang-joon was a private chef for former president Kim Dae-jung, as well as a head chef of the Seoul Plaza Hotel for over 20 years, specializing in Korean cuisine.

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