TXT Huening Kai: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

TXT Huening Kai: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Huening Kai Photo
Huening Kai (휴닝카이) is the maknae and one of the members of the boy band Tomorrow x Together or TXT under HYBE Entertainment (formerly Big Hit Entertainment).


Stage Name

Huening Kai (휴닝카이)

Real Name

Kai Kamal Huening

Korean Name

Jung Kai

Date of Birth

August 14, 2002


183 cm (6’0″)


67 kg (147 lbs)


Yongmun Middle School (Graduated)
Lila Art High School (Transferred)
Hanlim Arts High School (Graduated)


Singing, Dancing, Playing Video games, Playing instruments

City of origin / country



Singing, Dancing, Playing instruments


Hueningkai is a considerate, reliable and very friendly person.

Ideal Type 

-He didn’t have a specific type, but there were qualities that he appreciated most. They had to match on an emotional level. 
-He wants someone who can laugh with him and share their true feelings with him.

Personal Life

Hueningkai, who was born in Brazil, has a very diverse background. His mother is South Korean, and his father is an American with German ancestry. At the age of four, he moved to the US. When he was seventeen years old, he then moved to Hong Kong.


Singer-songwriter, producer, kpop idol
TXT Huening Kai shared that he auditioned for 'K-Pop Star' but he only got into the first round and was removed from the contest afterward. "On my way home after being eliminated, I received a business card and was cast for an audition. In the end, I ended up joining Big Hit."

Hidden Talents

He can play multiple instruments


Weverse Magazine 

Brand Endorsements



Fashion Brands Worn

Magazine Covers 

Dating History / Rumours



Hueing Kai is ENFP, also known as Campaigners. ENFPs are imaginative, warm, spontaneous, and enthusiastic about all life’s possibilities.


Instagram followers

@hueningkai_official (1M followers) 

Huening Kai Facts

-Huening Kai was born and lived in Hawaii, USA for a month, stopped by South Korea to meet his family, then moved to China and lived there for around 7 years.
- He moved to South Korea in winter when he was 8.

-His representative animal is a leopard gecko

-His mother is Korean and his father is German.

-Huening Kai is born in Brazil.

-He has two sisters and one is Bahiyyih ( Kep1er  member)

-His parents are divorced and his father re-married in 2016 to someone.
-His Korean name is Jung Kai.

-His loves pineapple.

-He can play drums, guitar, piano and the flute.

-He likes mint chocolate chip ice cream

-He is the first foreigner to debut under BigHit.

-He is a big fan of Bruno Mars.

-His favorite colors now are turquoise, mint ,sky blue, black.

-He has long legs and arms

-He is talented enough when it comes to music.


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It was amazing to read this and hopefully I can see him because I’m a big fan.

Mila Newton

Correction: Huening Kai was born in Honolulu (Hawaii)


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