Unnielooks Fashion Store Review: Good Quality Clothing?

Unnielooks Fashion Store Review: Good Quality Clothing?

What Is Unnielooks?

Unnielooks is a korean fashion clothing store that sells the latest in fashion in the k-pop scene. They also have a custom underwear line that is worn by big celebrities such as Irene.is.good, Red velvet Joy among other celebrities. 

What Type Of Products Do They Sell?

Unnielooks sells apparel and clothing in general.

Bags, tops, jeans, dresses and other things.

Can I Trust Unnielooks?

Yes, unnielooks has served thousands of customers from USA, France, Germany, Australia. They have literally served customers from over 70+ countries.

They also consistently produce 5 star reviews for their products. You can check out their video reviews on their website.

Where Does Unnielooks Manufacture Their Clothing?

The clothes are shipped out directly from China and Korea. They use the same high quality fabric and factories that companies like Calvin Klein and other luxury brands use. 

The best thing is that, they don't charge crazy exorbitant prices like the luxury houses.

How Does Unnielooks Pack Orders?

Unnielooks ships their customer orders in their custom ziploc bags in order to protect the fabrics to prevent them from getting wet or tossed around when they are shipped around the world. This ensures that customers receive an undamaged set of clothing.


This interview excerpt is taken from Rebel Magazine. 


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