What brand clothes does BLACKPINK wear?

What brand clothes does BLACKPINK wear?

BLACKPINK members are the epitomes of style and fans take a huge inspiration from them: here are the brands you should look at to be as cool as Jennie, Lisa, Rose and Jisoo!

Besides being the biggest girl group BLACKPINK are known for being worldwide fashion icons that fans look up to. Each member has their own charm and of course brands they proudly represent and wear regularly



The literal face of one of the oldest and most powerful brands - Chanel - Jennie Kim slays the fashion house's aesthetic. With silky shiny straight hair and total red look no one could take their eyes off her.

Jennie wore red tweed crop top, a skirt in a minimalistic Chanel style, and classic Chanel shoulder bag. Of course in red.

Elegant pearl details and necklace completed her bold look and natural make up added to the beauty Jennie has, showing off the sophisticated work of her stylists.




On the other hand, there is nothing that tops comfort and Jennie knows it well! Wearing a milky white Chanel shirt with black stripes, shoulder bag, and comfy black trousers, she chose classic white Adidas sneakers with beige velvet details to finish the look. And we think this daily outfit is adorable, especially when miss Kim is accompanied with a fluffy friend.

So if you are thinking of brands to choose for a regular wear while being closer to your idol, Adidas is the choice. 




Miss Lalisa Manoban as a proud ambassador of Celine rocked her simple, yet stylish look: a fluffy baggy white cardigan on top of a black bodysuit with a designer cutout and the all time classic leather trousers, and above all that, she wore a beautiful caramel color Celine Cuir Triomphe shoulder bag by Hedis Limane.




Just like Jennie, Lisa can slay a fancy evening dress and high heels, but get the same amount of praise for her daily looks! Even the choice is similar - Adidas. 

While posing like a model even for a simple Instagram post - though every BLACKPINK member's post is fashion magazine worthy - Lalisa wears a punky black crop top, wide high waist jeans, and completes the look with a sporty pair of grey Adidas sneakers. Being THE dancer and THE fashionista Lisa is, having these is a must.





The embodiment of Yves Saint Laurent, Roseanne Park posted a recent photoshoot with the brand wearing a mini champagne colored dress. The whole look styled so smartly with her iconic platinum blonde hair, a big gold chain and velvet boots, became the highlight of the new Vogue Australia issue. Of course Blinks and even locals are head over the heels about her!

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Публикация от ROSÉ (@roses_are_rosie)




Third time in a row and still going… BLACKPINK are true Adidas girls! And obviously, there is nothing better than to switch to your daily style after a round of photoshoots and celebrity chic the girls slay easily. To slay again!
Even wearing a plain white shirt and light wide jeans, some small accessories like a crescent necklace, thin bracelet, and a ring, Rose once again proves that you don't have to go all in to be neat and stylish. And if it wasn't enough to show the bond between the girls and their fashion sense, she even choose the same white and beige Adidas sneakers, twinning with Jennie. And not only her as we have the last member left!





Kim Jisoo and her elegant visuals are no surprise to represent one of the biggest fashion houses - Dior. During the brand's fashion show held in the walls of Iwha Woman University, she shined among other celebrities even while simply wearing a long black dress. 
The lace details of the dress, a tiny black Dior bag, long black hair of miss Jisoo herself, and red lips, everything about her look was perfect.



So far you could have predicted this part, haven't you? Because BLACKPINK are for sure the best models for Adidas, and what is more, true sisters that share the same taste when it comes to comfortable footwear. Completing the White and Beige sneaker trio with Jennie and Rose, miss Jisoo adds some more colors and gives fans another way to style their daily looks.
Contrasting with the predominant white, black, and blue outfit pieces of her groupmates, Jisoo has cherry red accents that suit her sweet visuals just right even when it's just a normal day out. Red cap, red neckline of her tee and a blurred red heart, even the red bottom line of bag make her outfit stand out and show how versatile in colors and styling can these Adidas sneakers can be. So blinks, are you on your way of purchasing yet?
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