Which Acne Pimple Patches Does ROSE From BLACKPINK use?

Which Acne Pimple Patches Does ROSE From BLACKPINK use?

Starface Acne Pimple Patches: The Secret to Rose from BLACKPINK's Clear Skin

Acne can be a pesky problem for anyone, even for superstars like Rose from BLACKPINK. However, the pop sensation manages to keep her skin flawless despite her hectic schedule. How does she do it? The secret might just lie in the acne pimple patches she uses, none other than Starface.

A Spotlight on Starface

Starface, a brand that celebrates skin positivity, has taken the skincare market by storm with its innovative, fun, and effective acne pimple patches. These are small, hydrocolloid stickers that help draw out impurities, protecting and healing the skin.

More than their functionality, what sets Starface pimple patches apart is their aesthetic. They're shaped like yellow stars, a bold departure from traditional, less conspicuous patches. This design choice not only adds a dash of fun to skincare routines but also encourages a shift in perspective about acne, a condition often associated with shame and embarrassment.

Why Rose from BLACKPINK Chooses Starface

As a member of BLACKPINK, one of the world's biggest K-pop groups, Rose's skincare routine is often under the limelight. With a busy schedule filled with performances, photoshoots, and travel, her skin is frequently subjected to heavy makeup and stress. Yet, Rose manages to maintain her radiant complexion, a feat that has caught the attention of fans worldwide.

Rose's secret? Starface acne pimple patches. The singer has shared her skincare routine on multiple platforms, highlighting the use of these patches as a quick and effective solution to her breakout emergencies. They help treat spots overnight by absorbing pus and fluids, accelerating the healing process while preventing further irritation from external factors.

How Starface Works

Starface pimple patches use hydrocolloid technology, a substance traditionally used in wound care for its moisture-absorbing properties. When applied to acne, these patches absorb exudate from the breakout, creating a moist environment that promotes faster healing. They also create a barrier against bacteria and dirt, reducing the chance of further inflammation.

Starface patches are applied to clean, dry skin, preferably at the first sign of a pimple. They are left on for at least six hours, or until they turn opaque — an indication that they've absorbed exudate.

Why Starface Patches Are a Game Changer

Starface patches do more than just address breakouts. They also help to change the narrative around acne, promoting a more positive approach to skin health. By making their patches bright and fun, Starface encourages users to embrace their acne rather than hide it, challenging societal beauty norms along the way.

This, coupled with their effectiveness, is likely why Rose and many others have added Starface patches to their skincare arsenal. The patches offer a practical solution to an age-old skincare problem, while also challenging the way we perceive and treat acne.


The Starface acne pimple patches are a testament to the brand's mission of transforming the way people view and handle acne. They offer a proactive, fun, and effective solution to breakouts, as endorsed by global superstar Rose from BLACKPINK.

In the realm of skincare, where aesthetics and effectiveness intersect, Starface is a true star. It’s not just about achieving clear skin, but also fostering a positive mindset towards one's skin journey, acne and all. By following Rose's lead and embracing products like Starface, we too can challenge the norm and shine a positive light on our skin.

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