Get In-Store Credits Or Cash When You Share UNNIE Looks With Your Friends!

When you share UNNIE looks with your friends, community or following, you earn in-store credits that you can use to actually buy actual clothing for yourself (or cash)!

The registration for our ambassador program is absolutely FREE. There is no cost to register. 

For every $100 of sales that you refer, you will get $10 in in-store credits to spend on ANYTHING you want or $10 commissions for yourself.
(Your choice to pick)

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A Simple Referral Goes A Long Way

What's The Best Way To Promote?

1.  Youtube Videos (Also In The Description)

2. Blogs / Email List

3. Instagram Stories / Instagram / Tiktok 

4. Discord Communities  

5. Whatsapp / Telegram just by talking to friends

Here is a guide if you want to know the best way to promote and earn commissions:

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Supporting Our Influencers

Get Free Products

Do you have a social media following and would like to share UNNIE with your followers?

We are looking for youtube content creators (or any long form creators) who can help to make fun videos & share some kpop clothing!

We have a couple of video ideas such as korean clothing fashion haul, or 'Dancing like Jennie Kim' for a day etc. (We're open to your ideas!)

We'll send you free clothing of your choice in order for you to film the video.

If you are interested, please sign up for our affiliate program 1st below to get your affiliate link and send an email to with the subject line 'Partnership Youtube - <Insert your channel name>'!

Takes Maximum 10 Minutes

What Are The Steps To Register?

1. Sign up for our ambassador program by clicking the sign up button below
2. Get a custom URL link that is custom to YOU
3. Promote your link through your social media channels or through messaging apps 
4. When a friend has bought something from UNNIE from your link, the credits will be automatically credited to you.
5. When you buy from UNNIE again, you are able to get a discount off your purchase.

SAVE money & get clothings you want at a discount!

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