About Us

How did UNNIE Looks begin?

We are a sibling group who has been following K-POP since 2011.

Young and starry eyed, we awed at the performances and entertainment K-pop groups including SNSD, Shinee and Bigbang engaged in. 

As time passed, we gradually followed the K-wave and introduction to newer groups and observe how the older idols have shaped the industry.

SHINEE - SHINEE [HELLO] 2nd Repackage Album CD+Photobook+Tracking Number  K-POP SEALED - Amazon.com Music
If you know this song...you KNOW. 'Hello' was my favorite song in secondary school for a long time. Credit: SM Entertainment

If you know, you KNOW.

We love Kpop, the music, what the idols represent, their fashion sense and the dedication they put into their craft to produce amazing music. 

All of the idols you see who are 'famous and successful' have had 4, 5+ years of hardcore training where they really put their entire life into learning how to dance, sing and perform.

And we admire their dedication from afar.

We flew down to Singapore to watch BTS's 2019 love yourself concert at the Singapore national stadium, from category 1. 

Always searching for what clothing idols wore, we realised that many others are doing the same too and are equally curious. 

We then travelled to places to find opportunities where clothing could be produced and to offer 'inspired' looks that could make the designs that we wanted. This was the beginning of Unnie Looks.

We also attended the MUSICBANK event and saw BTS perform! ❤️

What does UNNIE mean?

UNNIE, pronounced 'OO-nee' or 'UN-nee' means older sister in Korean.

In Korean culture, it is a sign of respect to call someone your unnie because of seniority.

That's why when you see korean people greet each other, it is always proceeded with a bow as well to show respect.

Why the name UNNIE Looks?

You can understand it quite literally. It can be you wanting to look like an Unnie you look up to or one asking an Unnie to look at your outfit!

We love the name as it is catchy, fun and ultimately, reflects how we want you to feel when wearing our clothes. 


G dragon bowing to his peers in appreciation.
Credit: Kpop Behind

What Is Our Product Philosophy At UNNIE Looks?

As we recognise that most clothing on our favourite idols are designer clothing, and that some may not be willing to spend as much, Unnie Looks aim to provide such clothing (Inspired) at affordable prices, and that you would repeatedly come back to us to shop for your favorite pieces. 

We will always try to price any piece of clothing below $500, with $500 to be the maximum for a product.

We want you to be able to wear a dress, a cardigan, a jacket, a 2-piece suit that would normally cost $1000, for less.

With the rising costs of production and raw materials, we still aim to uphold this product philosophy for the brand.

What Is Our Mission At UNNIE Looks?

We want to be able to provide everyday people with quality clothing that enables them to dress like their idols.

We want people to feel like they can always come and get a piece of clothing that they can wear for their everyday use, not just 'over the top' pieces that you have to wear out to a fancy restaurant. 

We are committed to providing our fellow unnies & oppas quality clothing and will continue to invest into creating better fabrics, customer support and producing new products overtime. 

Overtime, we want UNNIE Looks to be the only destination that you come to when you want to get new outfits for yourself.

We have a long term plan of launching outfit collections, communities and technology that will support this vision!

Thank you for supporting our business & we hope to grow with you!