FAQ - Customer Care

How long does it for my clothes to arrive?

Our clothes ship from China and Korea and will generally take anywhere from 7-15 business days to ship to major markets like USA, Australia.

Please check out our sizing guides for each product for your size.

Because each piece is sourced, designed and manufactured individually, it usually takes this time frame because we need to ensure quality of the finished fabric at the factory before shipping out your product.

Thank you for your patience!

See here for our shipping guide:



How are my clothes packaged?

Every piece of clothing, be it t-shirt, flannel, cargo pants or hoodie will be packed in our UNNIE ziploc bag in order to prevent major creasing and damage during shipment.


Where is my order and how can I track it? 

After making your purchase on our store, you will be issued a tracking order number in a few days after we process your order.

This tracking order will usually be issued to you via email.

You can use this tracking number and input it into our 'track my order' page and see where your shipment is located.

After we have processed and shipped out your orders, our logistics partners will take over from there.

Kindly note that the date is an estimate; orders may arrive slightly earlier or later. Should the order be delayed, please kindly contact support@unnielooks.com for further assistance. 

Should the tracking page not show any updates or is blank, please kindly refer to estimated delivery time for your order to be delivered. Delays can be experienced in updates to tracking numbers.

Head over here for the 'track my order' page:


Why is it that some of your products are 'SOLD OUT'?

We want to be honest with you on our inventory.

Because we have a lot of products on our store --- we do not have UNLIMITED quantities of a product in stock all the time and will advise should the item be out of stock. 

We are able to produce a limited quantity of a certain design at a time.

If the designs are a bit older from previous years, sometimes we may have supply shortages.



How does UNNIE choose which designs to sell?

We follow trends and idols in real-time. We have a team that is solely dedicated to actually keeping track on what outfits idols are wearing.

To their dress rehearsals, concerts, spotted in 'xxx', airports, youtube videos and on social media.

From there, we will work with our factory to produce the designs that are as close to the outfits.

We aim to drop new products every month.


I'm looking for a specific clothing design, but I'm unable to find it in store?

If you are looking to purchase something but is currently is unavailble in store, please use our contact us page and send us an email. 

Our team will immediately work with our factory to start manufacturing for the exact designs that you want.

Our team will respond to your email within 12-24 business hours.

Click here for the 'Contact us' page:



What payment methods do you accept?

Our store is run on Shopify & we use Shopify payments to process your payments securely.

Shopify payments accepts paypal, visa, mastercard, apple, google pay and all major credit and debit cards for payment.


How much does shipping cost if I don't qualify for FREE shipping?

Standard expedited shipping costs $7 USD for all orders below $100 USD.

We recommend you to buy multiple units to unlock free shipping because freight costs are quite expensive these days.

Save on shipping!

See here for our shipping guide:



If I have further questions, how do I contact the UNNIE team?

Please use the contact us page in order to contact us.

Please use a 'question format' when asking your question.

Or send an email to support@unnielooks.com

Our team will respond to your email within 12-24 business hours.

Click here for the 'Contact us' page:



Sizing and Care guide

Most of our products follow the size conversion chart below; a gentle reminder to click on the Size Guide button on each product page for the most accurate measurement of each item. 

International Size Conversion

  US  EU UK  Jeans 
XXS - XS 00 - 0 32 - 34 2 - 4 23 - 25
XS - S 2 - 4 34 - 36 4 - 6 26 - 27
S - M  4 - 6 36 - 38 6 - 8 27 - 28
M - L 8 - 10 38 - 40 10 - 12 29 - 30
L - XL 12 - 14 40 - 42 12 - 14 31 - 32


Should you need further assistance regarding sizing, you may write to us at support@unnielooks.com.

Return / Exchange 

Please kindly refer to our Return / Exchange Information page for more details.

Click here for the returns / exchange info page:


Trouble signing into my account

Do remember to sign into your account prior to adding items into your cart. If you receive a message saying that your email address or password is not recognised, you may check on the below: 

  • Make sure your email address and password is the same as what was used to register the account.
  • Take note of the use of capitalisation or numbers in your password.
  • If you cannot remember your password, click on the ‘forgotten password’ link. Kindly allow an email to be sent to your registered email to create a new password.

Please note that your account may be locked after a repeated number of login tries.

You may also check on a few other things:

  • To clear all cookies and caches
  • 'Block all cookies' function is disabled in your browser settings
  • Check that Javascript is enabled in your browser's settings
  • Make sure that you do not have any content/ad blockers installed
Should you still be unable to log into your account, contact our Customer Care Team at support@unnielooks.com