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Matte Silkworm Eyeliner Gel Pen

Matte Silkworm Eyeliner Gel Pen

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Unleash stunning eyes with our gel pen eyeliner! Effortlessly precise, it defines your look with intense, long-lasting color. Transform your gaze in seconds.

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What is it?
Crafted with precision, this gel pen delivers intense, opaque color in one stroke. Its matte finish sets it apart, offering a velvety texture that elevates any look.

Why is it special?
With its smudge-proof, waterproof formula, this eyeliner stays flawless all day. Say hello to effortless elegance with the Matte Silkworm Eyeliner Gel Pen.


✔️ Intense Color: Achieve bold, opaque color with a single stroke for eye-catching looks.

✔️ Long-lasting Wear: Enjoy smudge-proof and waterproof formula for all-day flawless eyes.

✔️ Nourishing Ingredients: Infused with silk extract to care for your delicate eye area while enhancing beauty.

✔️ Effortless Application: Smooth gel formula glides on effortlessly for precise and professional results.

Does it really work?

Absolutely! The Matte Silkworm Eyeliner Gel Pen is about intense color, long wear, nourishment and effortless application.

Try it now and get flawless eye makeup.

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What is the 100% refund guarantee?

We offer a risk-free Money-Back Guarantee if you have not satisfied with a product result - no questions asked.

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Result In 1 Minute

Achieve captivating eyes in just moments with the UNNIE LOOKS eyeliner gel pen! Glide on effortlessly for precise lines that define and accentuate your gaze. Our long-lasting formula ensures your look stays flawless from day to night. Elevate your eye game with UNNIE LOOKS and unleash your inner beauty effortlessly.

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  • Busy Professionals

    Limited time in the mornings? Our smudge-proof and long-lasting eyeliner keeps your look flawless all day, with minimal touch-ups needed.

  • Makeup Beginners

    Struggling with precise lines? This eyeliner's smooth glide and precise applicator make achieving professional results a breeze, even for beginners.

  • Night Owls

    Heading out for the night? Our long-lasting eyeliner maintains its intensity until the early hours, ensuring your makeup looks fresh all night long.

How to Apply an Eyeliner Gel Pen?

1. Prepare: Start with clean, dry lids.

2. Apply: Glide Matte Silkworm Eyeliner Gel Pen along upper lash line.

3. Enhance: Extend line for a winged look if desired.

4. Finish: Complete eye makeup.

5. Admire: Flaunt flawless eyes with Matte Silkworm Eyeliner Gel Pen.

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What Makes Us Special?

Our Eyeliner stands out for its rich pigmentation, long-lasting wear, and effortless application. It's designed for all-day perfection. With its sleek packaging and precise applicator, our Eyeliner is the ultimate tool for defining your eyes with confidence and style.

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Get a high-quality product at an affordable price

Quality meets affordability with our Matte Silkworm Eyeliner Gel Pen. Level up your eye makeup without breaking the bank.

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100% Refund Guarantee

Shop worry-free with our 100% refund guarantee! If you're not delighted with your purchase, we'll refund your money—no hassle, no fuss. Your satisfaction is our commitment, ensuring you can explore our products risk-free.

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How are my cosmetics packaged?

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How does an Eyeliner Gel Pen differ from other types of eyeliners?

Unlike traditional pencil or liquid eyeliners, gel pen eyeliners typically offer a smoother application with more control and intensity, akin to gel or cream formulas.

Is an Eyeliner Gel Pen easy to use for beginners?

Yes, many find gel pen eyeliners easier to control than liquid liners, making them a great option for beginners or those who struggle with precision.

Does an Eyeliner Gel Pen require a separate brush for application?

No, one of the conveniences of gel pen eyeliners is that they typically come with an integrated brush or applicator, eliminating the need for separate tools.