Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Soobin From TXT

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Soobin From TXT

We have finally arrived at our 4th Generation Idols series, starting with the 4th Gen representatives, Tomorrow by Together, popularly known as TXT. TXT is a five-member group that debuted with their hit song, Crown, released on March 04, 2019.

Despite not being the oldest of the group, Soobin was chosen to be their leader. Aside from that, he was also their Main vocalist and rapper. Although not the Main Visual of the group, K-Media has given him the nickname "Flower Boy," which also relates to Pure and Clear visuals. 

     Soobin In A Black Jacket Over A Black Muscle Tee Top With Graphic Print In Black Paired With Heavily Distressed Black Denim Pants.


Correlating this to his fashion style, Soobin likes wearing plain shirts with little to no designs. He likes minimalistic style, which suits his visuals likely. He also likes wearing colors that radiate so much of a youthful look - pure and clear, after all.

If you're still wondering how TXT's Pure and Clear Visual radiates his fashion style, scroll down for more as we have more to discuss for. 



Soobin, in general, immensely enjoys wearing a plain top. This is evident when he wears shirts, either on set or at the dorm. He usually chose plain shirts with little to no designs at all. 

Black Plain Shirt

Soobin here is wearing a black plain shirt- nothing fancy, just the usual pieces we could also see in our wardrobe. 


White Pain with Pockets Shirt

For a different fashion style, Soobin went extra by wearing a white shirt with a mini pocket on the side.


White Statement Shirt

Soobin also went for these statement white shirts, a perfect layering piece. It could be worn under a denim jacket.



Taking this section to the next level, Soobin also likes wearing button-down shirts- either in the most formal way or taking it to the usual casual. When he uses button-down shirts, he usually pairs them with denim pants or the usual trousers. 

Powder Blue Button-Down Long Sleeve Shirt

We could see Soobin wearing a powder blue button-down long sleeve shirt with his bestie, Kai. Just a sweet and subtle garment you could also pair with some brown pants or trousers.


Blue And White Striped Button-Down Shirt

If you don't like plain, you could also opt for striped ones like this Soobin in a blue and white striped button-down shirt. This shirt reminds me of college fits so much- such a casual outfit to wear.


 White Button-Down Long Sleeve Shirt

This, by far, is one of my favorite pictures of him wearing a white button-down long sleeve shirt. It is a clean and casual look that gives much of a youthful spark to Soobin.



Sweatpants are one of his favorite choice of the bottom to wear. Soobin likes wearing his favorite sweatpants with matching color for the top, creating a monochromatic look despite not really needing to have it. 

Fun Fact: Soobin is standing high at 1.85 m, making him the tallest of the group and one of the tallest idols in the K-Pop industry. 

Black Sweatpants With Three Strips On The Side

By saying monochromatic look, I do mean matching it to his bottoms. For example, Soobin wore sweatpants with three strips on the side, of which he also partnered with a black jacket, hat, and sneakers.  


Cream-Colored Sweatpants

Going for a lighter color, Soobin wore cream-colored sweatpants with a matching cream-colored hooded jacket; for this look, he partnered with some slides. 



Aside from sweatpants, Soobin also likes wearing some denim pants. In fact, he actually likes wearing his denim pants with a layered top like a combination of shirt and button-down polos or trench coats.

Fitted Black Denim Jeans

In this picture, we could see Soobin wearing some fitted black denim jeans that he partnered with a white graphic shirt and a plaid button-down polo with his new BFF, Jessi. 


Light-Washed Denim Pants

Soobin also sported his denim pants on a photoshoot. He partnered them with a white shirt underneath, a gray button-down long sleeve shirt, and high-top shoes. Just add a white tote bag, and the fit will be complete.


Black Denim Jeans

Denim Jeans are perfect for rainy seasons. In this picture, we could see Soobin wearing some denim jeans partnered with a white shirt and midi-length black trench coat, and a pair of sneakers. A mysterious look is it.



Black Hooded Jacket With Minimal Print

When it comes to jackets, Soobin likes wearing hooded jackets the most, especially the ones in black. He likes wearing black hooded jackets with mostly small prints on the center for a more statement look.  



When it comes to pullovers, Soobin usually likes wearing them in textured materials like knitted or fuzzy ones. This kind of material usually brings more comfort or warmth, making it more suitable to be worn during cold weather. 

Knitted Pullovers In Gradients Shades Of Gray And White

In this TikTok video Soobin posted, he can be seen wearing these knitted pullovers in gradients shades of gray and white. He then topped them off with white denim pants. 


Knitted Black Pullovers

In this all-black outfit he wore for a late-night trip, Soobin opted for a knitted black pullovers he partnered with some denim pants. The black sling bag completes the look.


White Textured Pullover

In this photo, Soobin went into a much lighter color by wearing a white textured pullover. It looks like they are practicing hard when this photo was taken.



Clear Glasses With A Black Plastic Frame

Although Soobin doesn't need prescription glasses like the other members, he usually loves wearing glasses for a more fashionable style. He has them in metallic frames, plastics, and clear ones. 

This portion wouldn't be complete without these iconic glasses of him. It was clear glasses with a black plastic frame.


Clear Glasses With Metallic Frames

Another one was these clear glasses with metallic frames. It was oversized rectangular shaped glasses good for people with oval faces.


Clear Glasses With Clear Frame

He also have these popular clear glasses, Soobin used when traveling. 



When it comes to hats, Soobin actually knows how to carry his different personalities when wearing two different types of hats- beanies and baseball caps.

Light Gray Caps

Soobin was worn this light gray caps one's in backwards, showing his flowing personality.


Black Beanies

Making it to a more matured aura, Soobin wore these black beanies he partnered with these hooded jacket and clear glasses. Such a trendy look, to be honest.



Soobin has a variety of shoes in his closet- the most obvious ones are the high-top shoes. He also has these ankle-length shoes and the air Jordan ones.

Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Unisex High-Top Shoe

In this TikTok video he posted, he can be seen wearing some white high-top sneakers he partnered with the hooded jacket and pants combo.



Black Air Jordan Sneakers

Soobin also partnered this all-black outfit with a black Air Jordan Sneakers- a highly favorite sneakers to wear, especially for idols when practicing.




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