A Guide To Shopping UnnieLooks (If You Are On A Super Tight Budget)

Hi! Welcome to unnielooks, thanks for browsing around. If you are new here, we wrote this to guide you on your shopping journey. 

If you are not on a budget...

Feel free to shop around and buy whatever clothes you want, to your heart's content!

If you are on a super tight tight budget...

Try to avoid these types of clothes. These types of clothes are usually more expensive because of the manufacturing process that we have to go through to make them.


Any clothing with special embroidery is usually more expensive. This is because the stitching and designs that our factory has to produce requires more time, and fewer customers actually buy it. Which means that the quantities that we can produce is also much lower, making it more expensive for you.

 An example of this would be Rose's dress here:

Blackpink Rose Inspired Blue Embroidered Flowers Long Strap Dress



Whenever the clothing has special designs, or some unique prints, similar to #1, it is more expensive for us to produce as there is less demand for it as well.

Fewer people buy it, which makes manufacturing costs of the fabric more expensive. 

For example, this shirt here requires a special type of stitching to achieve this design, hence it is more expensive than just a regular shirt.

Green Plaid Irregular Shirt


Raw material costs for denim are especially high due to inflationary pressures on the raw material sourcing. Denim, leather and the rough jeans material are expensive.

However, we try to price our products as competitively as possible. If you really like those jeans, go ahead to buy them!

Recommendations if on a super tight budget:

Check out the pages called 'Under $30' or 'Under $40' if you're looking for more affordable options on site.