TWICE’s Nayeon “POP” Wins for the 4th Time On “Inkigayo”

TWICE’s Nayeon “POP” Wins for the 4th Time On “Inkigayo”



Ready set and dance pop! pop! As everyone celebrating for Twice Nayeon’s another win on Inkigayo last July 24. On SBS, MC Kim ChaeWon, Roh Jeong Eui, Seo Bum June of the show “Inkigayo” announced Nayeon’s “POP” as the winner of the week. 

 Watch the winner announcement below!


Nayeon is the first Twice Member to go solo and launch her song. “Pop” literally caught the crowd's attention, everyone was so obsessed with its choreography and beat. Nayeon didn’t expect that her solo debut song will blow out like a bomb in just a minute. Currently “POP” MV reaches over 85 million views on YouTube after one month of releasing it. 

“POP” MV really has a catchy and colorful style that literally steals our attention. Let’s talk about how TWICE Nayeon dresses on each part of the MV.


Outfit #1: Black Checkered Terno

Nayeon never failed us on showing her classy and sassy look on her black checkered long sleeve terno. Her outfit matches the mood on her white, black and red background. 

Outfit #2: All White Laced Terno

Nayeon literally gives an innocent and young look on her white laced terno. The fresh look is vibing with the refreshing background. 


Outfit #3: Pink jumpsuit with the Louis Vuitton logo

What a lovely suit right? A perfect pink color for a perfect visual like Nayeon, really gives you a girl-next-door vibe.



Outfit #4: Retro-Kitsch Three-Piece Outfit

Nayeon’s forth outfit gives us an aesthetic vibe of retro-modern outfit. The pastel color background matches her pastel outfit. Nayeon slayed on her outfit from head to toe. Giving a sweet vibe and femine aura, she made her fans go crazy over her look.


Outfit #5: All Red Crop Top Terno

Nayeon in red is a total bombshell. Serving a sexy vibe, Nayeok slayed on her outfit. The cool background fits on her look. Such a perfection!


Outfit #6: Chiffon Lace Corsage Dress

Her 6th outfit looks so colorful. Having a bubbly pop color scheme background and outfit, Nayeon shows her cute, bubbly and jolly aura. The cuteness of her face matches her outfit and background style.


Outfit #7: Off-shoulder White Lace Dress with Red Heart Prints

Her off-shoulder white dress with heart prints feels like refreshing summer. Her tropical outfit fits on her peachy summer vibe background. A lovely outfit for a lovely lady right?


Outfit #8: Butterfly Sequin Top and Shorts

This iconic outfit is a trend top right now after releasing the “POP” MV, many fans hurry to buy to have this kind of outfit. It’s a fancy and lovely top that can hook everyone’s attention. 


Outfit #9: White jumpsuit with a Large Rose on the Shoulder

  This classy outfit of Nayeon is an ideal outfit for a classy and formal event. Nayeon’s look is a simple but elegant style and she definitely slays on her outfit with her high ponytail. 




Outfit #10: Mini-dress with a Fur and Silk Gown

Nayeon’s 10th outfit is one of the best outfits she had. This stunning mini-dress with fur suits Nayeon's visual. She really made that this dress is made for her.



Outfit #11: Hot Pink Two-piece with a Lace Bra Top

This outfit is one of my favorite Nayeon’s  outfit. This lace hot pink top literally gives a different version of Nayeon. She really looks hot and stunning in her outfit that makes everyone hooked on her. 

Outfit #12: Black Bralet with Ribbon and Hot Pink Pants

Her 12th outfit is so fabulous, her hot pink coat with her black lace bralet makes her more gorgeous and addicting. Nayeon’s vibe fits on its own outfit.



Outfit #13 Light Yellow and Light Blue Corset Dress

This is the most bubbly outfit that Nayeon wore before. She looks like Hansel and she’s so lovely with her fancy dress. This you’re looking for a fancy-bubbly dress this one is for you!


Outfit #14: All-black Top with Buckle and Lace Bottom

We can’t deny that an all black outfit makes us more attractive and sexy, Nayeon in her black outfit makes her more sexy and daring. She’s a catch, a total package of beauty and talent.



As TWICE’s Nayeon started to have a solo debut let’s wait and show support to other members' projects also, as TWICE renewed their contract on JYP Entertainment. Stay tuned and stream “POP” MV on JYP’s YouTube channel. 


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