All Of NewJeans' Outfits in 'Coca-Cola Zero' Campaign

All Of NewJeans' Outfits in 'Coca-Cola Zero' Campaign

Coca-Cola Handpicked NewJeans As Its Brand Model!

Coca-Cola announced on March 30th that has selected NewJeans as a brand model and launch a new Coca-Cola Zero campaign.

NewJeans is a K-pop group that has gained popularity not only in Korea but also around the world since its debut.

The selection of the model was made in as NewJeans and Coca-Cola have something in common that is a differentiated charm that no one can easily follow.

Coca-Cola decided that the meeting between New Jeans and Coca-Cola Zero, which became icons of the times with their differentiated music concept and styling, could create synergy.

In particular, NewJeans members are gathered together, holding cans and bottles of Coke Zero soda. They appear to be enjoying each other's company and laughing.

They were seen wearing bright white shirts blended with black colors and have their hair pulled back in a ponytail and loose.

Do you find what they wear interesting? Then check out these athletic-like outfits worn by NewJeans below!

NewJeans' Fashion Breakdown

1. MINJI's Outfit

Minji is looking good in her all-black outfit and she also displayed her long black hair, large earrings, and put on a serious expression on her face while showing off a can of coke zero.

She wore a ROKH Cut-Out Knitted Cardigan paired with HYEIN SEO Paneled Pants. Her sole accessory is a MELTED POTATO Earrings.

2. HANNI's Outfit

Hanni appears to be charming, with her hands on her head and her mouth open. In one part of the image, a shot of her waist is shown while wearing a black and white outfit and hand holding a coke zero can.

She presently dressed in MSCHF Front Darted Long Sleeve Top. She also flaunted her MELTED POTATO Earring and a HYEIN SEO Silk Leather Chain.

3. DANIELLE's Outfit

Danielle is sweet and charming in her look while presenting a black shirt that fits her figure snugly, revealing her bare arms and shoulders. Her hair is styled in loose waves that cascade down her back and frame her face. She wears a necklace with a circular pendant.

She flaunts a HYEIN SEO Helix Long Sleeve with Hiero Tank Top over it. She matched it with HYEIN SEO Shell Pants. She also boasts her MELTED POTATO Finn Necklace and a JEAN PAUL GAULTIER x LA MANSO La Joya De LA Corona Ring.

4. HAERIN's Outfit

Haerin is prettily stunning in her black and white attire while exhibiting a bottle of coke zero. She puts on an OJOS Layered Bag Long Sleeve partnered with Pocket Bag Long Skirt. Her sole accessory is a BAPE Type 1 BAPEX Watch.

5. HYEIN's Outfit

Hyein is adorably gorgeous in a black shirt and pants while showing off her long black ponytailed hair. She wears a pair of black shoes and a sizeable necklace as well.

These outfits are PAIN OR PLEASURE Orchid Top Black coupled with LCDC 1710 Wide-Leg Track Trousers. She also flaunted her sole accessory which is a MELTED POTATO Necklace.


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