All Of NewJeans' Outfits in '[Jeans' ZINE] NewTube EP.1'

All Of NewJeans' Outfits in '[Jeans' ZINE] NewTube EP.1'

NewJeans Delivered New And Refreshing "Jeans' ZINE" Content For Fans!

On March 2nd, Rising Global Stars NewJeans released new Jeans ZINE content for fans, which many people enjoyed watching.

Not only did their good and charming entertainment skill pique the interest of the viewers, but also because of their colorful, comfortable, and simple clothes.

The new content released under Jeans' ZINE is NewTube Episode 1. It already has around 400 thousand viewers and counting. In particular, their vibrant rich style of different colored clothing has attracted attention and it makes fans want to wear it as well.

Do you find what they wear interesting? Then check out these lively eye-catching outfits worn by NewJeans below!

NewJeans' Fashion Breakdown

1. MINJI's Outfit

Minji looks comfortable and adorable in her simple outfit. She presently donned a KAPITAL 5G Wool Bone Short Cardigan and beneath it is a WE11DONE White Cursive Ringer T-Shirt. She paired it with a YUSE Cotton Velour Boots Cut Track Pants and her footwear is a NIKE Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG.

2. HANNI's Outfit

Another member in a comfy and simple outfit look is Hanni. She comfortably wore a PAM Sadie Laska Dip Dyed Oversized LS Top. She partnered it with Red Printed Pants. As for her footgear, she sported a NIKE Air Force 1 Mid '07 Tokyo 03.


3. DANIELLE's Outfit

Danielle is attractive and appealing in her red and brown combination outfit look. She flaunted a GANNI Isoli Rock Sweatshirt matched with a SCULPTOR Contrast Stitch Carpenter Pants Beige. Her shoes is a NIKE Dunk Low UNC.

4. HAERIN's Outfit

Haerin is innocently pretty in her purplish outfit that makes her look even more dreamy and relaxing. She cutely wore an ERL Purple Gradient Sweater that goes along with NEEDLES H.D Track Pants. She also put a NIKE Skate Like A Girl X Dunk Low SB on as her sneakers. 

5. HYEIN's Outfit

Hyein is completely a sunshine in disguise as she donned a LATE CHECKOUT Yellow Fluffy Jumper paired with Brown Pants. And to finish off her overall look, she sported a NIKE Dunk Low SP Champ Colors.


[All Images by NewJeans via ADOR]
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