All Of Stray Kids' Outfits In "MANIAC" M/V & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

All Of Stray Kids' Outfits In "MANIAC" M/V & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

All photo credits to: SM Entertainment via YouTube

Stays are in a celebratory mood after phenomenal K-pop boy group Stray Kids dropped the music video for 'MANIAC' on Friday, March 18. The energetic song is the title track of their mini-album 'ODDINARY.' 

With their captivating visuals, the boyband explore various locations of a deserted town in an alternate dimension, which seemingly sits on the edge of the world. The members later perform the song in front of a giant, graffitied brain, before being transported back to the real world at the end.

Maniac is one of the hottest songs that Stray Kids has and has been popular even now after 6 months. Their music video reaches over 128 million views on JYP’s Entertainment YouTube channel. The K-pop boy group, Stray Kids looks stunning and hotter as hell as they performed their song on their music video. 

Maniac is one of Stays favorite music videos because of the Stray Kids’ looks and outfits. No wonder why Stray Kids is one of the best K-pop boy groups in the Korean Entertainment Industry. With their addicting and enchanting faces, the group always slays with their amazing vocals and killing dance moves. 

Stray Kids are also known as one of the best Korean fashion icons. Their outfits are all amazing and cool, especially their outfits on the ‘Maniac’ music video. Stray Kids have a way of combining intense and delicate elements to both their music and their fashion. Here are Stray Kids outfits in ‘Maniac’ M/V.



Hyunjin is totally a dream boat. His visuals are so insane that it makes everyone go crazy over him. Hyunjin appeared in the first scene of the music video and made eye contact and that gave us a heart attack, with his addicting and melting look his heart goggles looked cute and cool for his outfit. He looks like the coolest Digimon tamer you'll ever meet with his flaming red hair and eye for accessories. He looks so hot with his swag outfit. With his graphic pink t-shirt tucked into his unique set of Dickies trousers that is a totally perfect outfit for his visuals. He finishes the look with black boots and a black leather jacket. He also look good on his black outfit with CELINE head band.







Seungmin looks good in his all black retro outfit. His archive redux SS '06 flux aetherium ripped t-shirt is from Raf Simons.  He wears a black long sleeve shirt underneath. We also adore the metal necklace that resembles a crown around his neck.



Bangchan rocks their music video with his attractive and eye-catching casual look. He was wearing a yellow turtle neck that made him look hot. The yellow cashmere material is a relaxed fit and perfect for all of Stray Kids’ intense dance moves. His accessories really make the outfit pop. He really did the job of drawing our attention.





Felix giving us the hottest and perfect Kpop idol as he shows off his great visuals, talent and even his killer dance moves. Felix is wearing a purple beanie from Adidas which pairs well with his unbuttoned green Raf Simons overshirt coat. The color is great and that made him look so attractive. He made his outfit look cool and casual with a Simpsons t-shirt from Balenciaga. Black cut-offs are the perfect pants for this look. He also partnered high socks and a pair of high-cut sneakers on his outfit. What a perfect combination for an outfit right? 




Changbin showed off his great vocal skills and that really amazed me. His talent is on another level that will make everyone fall for him. He’s a wholesome bias wrecker. Changbin is wearing neon green long sleeves that are perfect to look at whenever the lights strike his clothes. His outfit looks good with his printed monogram tie-dye cargo pants from Louis Vuitton.





I.N is wearing a  Ralph Lauren rugby shirt and looks great on him. With his ribbed cuffs and polo collar on this long-sleeved shirt. He also wears black trousers and black CONVERSE platform sneakers, which pair perfectly. His outfit is a total combo!



Lee Know

Lee Know wears a white dress shirt with a loose black tie. Over this, he wears an Adidas classic long sleeve cotton-blend jersey jacket in black featuring signature stripes in white at the sleeves. He keeps to the color scheme by wearing black trousers, which he adds several chains. 


Last but not the least, Han. To have this look like Han, get a black graphic tee and choose the best design. Grab some high-waisted leather pants and make sure to tuck in your shirt to maximize shape. Add some chains to give off even more rockstar vibes. A leather jacket tops off the look matching his Balenciaga neck accessory, This look is prime and will make you look an ideal man like Han. 




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