All Of TWICE's Outfits in "Moonlight Sunrise" Choreography Video

All Of TWICE's Outfits in "Moonlight Sunrise" Choreography Video

TWICE Releases Alluring Choreography Video for 'Moonlight Sunrise'!

TWICE's "Moonlight Sunrise" choreography video was released on March 6th. The choreography is a mix of smooth and powerful movements, with a focus on synchronized formations and sharp transitions.

The video features the nine members of TWICE performing the dance in a white studio background. The "Moonlight Sunrise" choreography video has received over 5 million views so far on YouTube, and it has been praised for its beauty, elegance, and complexity.

In particular, TWICE's outfits were dark, neutral colors, which added to the fun and carefree vibe of the video.

If you're looking for a new song and choreography video to add to your playlist, I highly recommend checking out TWICE's "Moonlight Sunrise". It's a fun, upbeat song with a catchy melody and a great choreography video. You won't be disappointed!

Do you find what they wear interesting? Then check out these neutral outfits worn by TWICE below!

TWICE's Fashion Breakdown

1. NAYEON's Outfit Look

Nayeon is captured in a lively dance studio, where she is energetically dancing. The studio is spacious and well-lit, allowing her to perform with ease. In one corner, Nayeon is dressed in a stylish SMFK Compass Midnight Black Crossword Locomotives Black topped with THREETIMES Cotton Ribbed Top.

She also paired it with TYPESERVICE Rivet Straight Pants. As for her footgear, she sported a NIKE Air Force 1. The scene is vibrant and full of energy, reflecting the joy of dancing.

2. JEONGYEON's Outfit Look

Jeongyeon is dressed in ANDTHEOTHER Khaki Big Logo Maxi Crop Top, while also wearing a WMM STUDIOS Cargo String Pants. Her footwear is a NIKE Air Force 1Additionally, she is enjoying the performance. Her expression is one of joy, displaying a bold and confident look.

3. MOMO's Outfit Look

Momo elegantly dances, adorned in a stylish outfits. A white background serves as the backdrop, allowing the vibrant costumes to stand out and showcases her talent and creativity 

She confidently wore an OSMOS Supernova Lace Jacquard Cardigan coupled with SCULPTOR Bootcut Cargo Pants. She also sported a pair of NIKE Air Force 1 shoes.

4. SANA's Outfit Look

Sana is striking a pose for a dance video, her lithe body coordinating in sleek athleticism. Donning matching a DIESEL M-Clarksville-Lurex Bandeau Top With Cut-Out D athletic wear while executing a graceful movement. Additionally, she can be seen dancing purposefully with NIKE Air Force 1 shoes.

5. JIHYO's Outfit Look

In a spacious room, Jihyo clad in a DIESEL Cut-Out D Logo T-Shirt and ROCCI ROCCI Button Wide Cargo Pants showcases her moves to viewers. Her energetic dance forms the centerpiece of the scene. She outfitted in a NIKE Air Force 1 which features prominently in the video.

Overall, the scene is characterized by an energetic yet intimate atmosphere, with each element in the dance video contributing to the vibrant overall effect.

6. MINA's Outfit Look

Mina is dressed in OUTX.O Gigi Shoulder Open Top matched with NACHE Exposure Zip Detail Pants. She struts confidently down the studio, striking a dance movements while showing off her stylish outfit.

Her NIKE Air Force 1 shoes click against the polished floor, and the vibrant spotlights above highlight her elegant frame. O  verall, the video captures the excitement and glamour of her high-energy fashion attire.

7. DAHYUN's Outfit Look

Dahyun is donned in a NOT YOUR ROSE Soft Effy Bolero Set partnered with a black high-waisted pants. Her pair of shoes is a NIKE Air Force 1 which captured the energy and excitement of the dance video.

She breaks into a choreographed dance routine, swaying and spinning in perfect unison. Her fluid movements is amplified by the dynamic studio backdrop, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

8. CHAEYOUNG's Outfit Look

Chaeyoung complements a lively performance with sleek, synchronized movements. She is radiating an energetic and joyful atmosphere. Her vibrant attire adds to the vivacity of the scene, featuring an array of neutral colors with catchy styles.

She is dressed in a stylish outfit, featuring alluring BLACKUP Low-Waisted Cardo Pants accented by a 604SERVICE Rose Knitted Bodysuit Top.

Overall, her performance is a lively and engaging display of youthful energy and enthusiasm, as she showcases her immense talent and skill.

9. TZUYU's Outfit Look

Tzuyu is dressed in athletic-like outfits and is spotted dancing in the spacious studio. Her movements are captured in mid-flight, and her joy and enthusiasm are evident from her cheerful expressions.

She wore a stylishly chic NOT YOUR ROSE Monica Top coupled with Black Pants. She moves her body in perfect synchronicity with the others.

Along with her graceful moves, she elegantly donned a VIVIENNE WESTWOOD Oslo Pendant Necklace. The overall impression is one of dynamic energy and vibrant cheerfulness.


[All Images by TWICE via JYP Entertainment]
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