BTS' RM Bottega Veneta Outfits in Milan Fashion Week (2023)

BTS' RM Bottega Veneta Outfits in Milan Fashion Week (2023)

BTS' RM Attends The Bottega Veneta 2023 Winter Collection Fashion Show!

Italian luxury fashion brand BOTTEGA VENETA presented the "2023 Winter Collection" fashion show at Fabrica Orovia in Milan, Italy, on February 25th (local time).

BTS' RM who attended the show, appeared on the Bottega Veneta show as his first step in the fashion industry since debut and drew massive attention from fans around the world.

In particular, RM shone at the scene with an all-black look that matched a simple yet luxurious Funnel-neck shirt with a trawler.

Do you find what he wears interesting? Then check out these oozing Bottega Veneta outfits worn by BTS' RM below!

BTS' RM Fashion Breakdown

#1 RM's Pre-Arrival Outfit at Incheon International Airport

Prior to his appearance at the Milan Fashion Week for Bottega Veneta, RM made an adorable arrival at ICN looking so joyful and delighted.

RM presently flaunted an all-BOTTEGA VENETA attire, from head to toe. He wore a Packable Nylon Trench Coat with a White Shirt underneath it. He partnered it with a Cotton Twill Cargo Pants.

His footwear is a Pillow Sneaker and to complete his overall look, he fashionably brought a Large Andiamo Bag.

#2 RM's Dominant Look at Winter 2023 Bottega Veneta Collection Show

His immense and enormous influence has been felt and witnessed by many as he made his refined appearance at the Fashion Show.

He surely did look great with his Stretch Rib Cotton Tank Top topped with Light Wool Funnel Neck Shirt. He paired it with a Light Wool Straight Leg Pants while his footwear is a Ripley Boots.


[All Images by BTS RM & K-Medias via HYBE Entertainment]
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