ENHYPEN Jake: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

ENHYPEN Jake: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Jake (제이크) is one of the members of the boy group ENHYPEN who debuted last November 30, 2020 from the reality show I-Land.


Stage Name 

Jake (제이크)

Real Name

Jake Sim

Korean Name

Sim Jae-yun (심재윤)

Date of Birth

November 15, 2002 


176 cm (5’9″)


149 lbs. (68 kg.)


St. Peters Lutheran College, a private school known for its impressive music program.


Dancing, Singing, studying math and physics, playing video games, shopping, traveling, listening to music

City of origin / country

South, Korea


Dancing, Singing, Song-writing, rapping


Jake is so honest,  responsible, and has a sense of duty towards his obligations he had. He is totally innocent as an idol.

Ideal Type 

His ideal type is most likely loyal, kind, caring, and selfless.

Personal Life

Jake is born in South Korea but his family moved to Australia when he was young, he used to study and live there for years and went back to South Korea to pursue his career as an idol.


Kpop idol, Singer, Songwriter 

Hidden Talents

He’s a pro at taking pictures and videos.


Weverse Magazine
JAKE PHOTO IN ENHYPEN ‘MANIFESTO : DAY 1’ comeback interview
JAKE: “I don’t really like to lose, but it’s okay when it’s ENGENE”

JAKE: “I still don’t really know myself, but I think it’s my job to keep searching”
Jake photo in ENHYPEN BORDER : CARNIVAL comeback interview 2021.05.09
JAKE “I think that, as long as I have this job, everything I do should be for ENGENE”

ISTJ, Practicality and facts are very important to Logisticians. They are intellectually curious and are able to channel ideas into creative output. They are brave innovators who do not hesitate to stand out in a crowd. Introverts at heart, Logisticians stay true to their commitments and will complete a task no matter what. Laziness and dishonesty are their top turn-offs. Though they may take a traditional and conservative approach to relationships, their commitment is unwavering.



Instagram followers

@ENHYPEN (11.1M followers)

Twitter followers

@enhypen_members (9.5M followers)

Jake Facts

-Jake is a Christian.
-He always thanks God on his achievements.
-Jake is born in South Korea but his family moved to Australia when he was young
-Jake used to play skateboard
-Jake has trending videos when he was little playing skateboard
-He is from a well off family 
-Jake loves puppy and dogs.
-He has a dog that he cherishes so much named Layla.
-Jake also went to Dwight School in Seoul 
-He trained for nine months before joining I-LAND
-He earned third place in the final ranking in I-Land and debuted as the member of ENHYPEN 
-Jake is so good speaking English
-He has the Australian accent that everyone wants to have also.
-He and Sunoo and Youngbin performed TXT‘s Crown in the first episode of I-LAND
Jake is so smart
-He loves to study math and physics.
He loves to imitate dogs
-He used to play violin for 4 years as part of his school’s orchestra.
-Jake sang “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber when he’s auditioning as an idol.
-He’s favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate 
-Jake's favorite colors are black and ivory.
-His favorite food is fried chicken.
-Jake’s K-pop dance model is BTS member Park Jimin.


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