Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Exy From WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Exy From WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

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WJSN Leader, Exy has an expensive look yet still pull off simple style and give each a unique fashion statement.

Chu So Jung (추소정), also known as Exy(엑시) is WJSN leader, main rapper, and vocalist. Surely, she is amazing as she's not only a multitalented member in their group, but a role model who unites the group as one. Apart from that, what makes her more astonishing is the fact that her stage name speaks for herself as it meant expensive which was derive from an Australian-English slang word. 

However, despite having an expensive look, she could still throw off simple style which she easily slays. In fact, she mostly opt to show off her natural charm over the expensive aura such as pulling off a boyish fashion. Well, thanks to her fashion sense and skills which we would be discussing in this article today. 


Tank Top Muscle Tee

Exy could slay any fit, but she likes to pull off a boyish style which you may notice on her Instagram posts. Here, she specifically wears a muscle tee but the sleeves were folded, making it look like a tank top. Then, she paired it with a ripped jeans and kept her face bare to easily complete the boyish fashion style.


Oversized Shirt

But throwing off a boyish style is easier with oversized tees as long as they were styled right like how Exy did hers for instance. Here, she had worn a white oversized tee paired with jogger pants. Then, she added details to make the look more boyish by wearing a printed beanie, layered necklaces, and loophole earrings that most boys wear. Also, her pose did magic in making her really look boyish.


Here, she pulls off the same boyish style, but using two unmatched shades. Specifically, Exy had worn a sage printed long sleeves paired with brown wool pants, creating an edgy look.



Ripped Jeans

Denim Jeans are Exy's favorite go-to bottoms because they are versatile and comfortable. She likes to wear them in creating a various style, and with that, it is indubitable that her wardrobe are full of these. Here, she wears a blue denim ripped jeans, which is surely an iconic detail to every jeans. In fact, ripped jeans are very popular among K-pop or Korean Fashion, so by just wearing this, one can easily style and pull off the mentioned fashion style. Also, she matched her denim pants with a spaghetti strap top and accessorized her fit with a bag, creating a casual chic look.


Wide Leg Denim Pants

But when Exy opt for a more relaxed feels, she wears a wide leg variation of denim and loves to pair it with any loose or baggy tops like an oversized jacket as shown on the photo for instance.


Here she wears the same type of denim pants, but she paired with a knee-high black leather chic boots and paired with a shimmering gray top, giving her a touch of sophistication.



Coats are very common staples in every corporate events such as business meeting, seminars, conferences, and the like. They easily give one a good exposure and impression. But for some, they use them to create a statement while they're in a formal or corporate event. Needless to say, they want to make themselves look presentable but at the same time stylish. 

Beige Collarless Long Coat 

Although Exy is mostly seen wearing casual or boyish staples, she also slays in formal clothes like long coats. Here, she wears a beige collarless long coat and an inner white top that compliments the neutral shade of her coat. Then, she paired it with a black jeans that help create the balance, thus making a profound statement. This look is primarily meant for any corporate events.


Single-Breasted Coat

Among the coats, single-breasted ones are the most common and mostly worn by women for any formal events. As seen on the photo, Exy had worn a wool single-breasted long coat which she paired with a long sleeve fitted sweater and a denim jeans, creating a semi-formal look with a casual twist. This look is certainly perfect for any semi-formal events like work related events, casual birthday party, and many more.


Plaid Wool Pant Coat

But if you want an embellished type over a plain one, plaid versions are perfect. Exy, in particular wears a plaid wool pant coat which gives a touch of classic, but still keeping the formal function. Also, these coats are perfect in matching any plain inner clothes like dress, polo and the like.



Crop Top, Shorts, and Stiletto Shoes

Although Exy often wears relaxed and boyish staples, she could also look very feminine with her dance attire. These help unveil her sexy aura and accentuate her beauty more. For instance in the photo below, she wears a crop top and a high-waisted shorts to emphasize her curves. Also, the black stockings did well in adding flair to her fit, and the stiletto shoes completed the overall chic style.


Layered Top, Shorts, and Knee-High Boots

Here, she pulled another chic style with a twist of glam by wearing a matching top and bottom staples. Specifically, she wore a crystal-embellished white fitted long sleeve, layered with a pastel pink lace blazer and paired with a shorts with the same fabric. Also, she opted for white knee-high boots which flatters and elongates her legs. Meanwhile the chosen shades helped in creating a perfect balance to the overall fit.


Long Puff Sleeve and Shorts

In this photo, Exy throws off the same chic style but the clothes unveil her luxurious aura. As flashed below, she had worn a top with contrasting fabric that surely gives a more style and statement. Specifically, her top was a purple long sleeves on which its sleeves are puffed and the fabric is a transparent silk. Meanwhile the latter is also silk, but it was translucent. Both of which made her beauty shined brightly and the black shorts gave her a nice silhouette.



Floor Length Dress

Dresses reveal the dainty and delicate side of Exy, and she certainly looks feminine and gentle when wearing this kind of staples. For instance, in the photo below she had worn a flower-embellished white floor length dress which gives her a goddess-like beauty. This kind of outfit goes well with formal events such as garden wedding, especially if you're a bridesmaid.


Midi Dresses

Meanwhile if you're not a fan of long dresses, midi dresses are for you. In this photo, Exy wears an orange puff sleeve midi dress which gives her a classic yet feminine look. Also, the shade of orange helped accentuate her white porcelain skin even more. However, if you don't have the same complexion as hers, opting for neutral colors is ideal.


But if you are not into puff sleeve, spaghetti strap may be one of your choice. It doesn't just easily make one look chic and sexy. It also gives a refreshing feels as they reveal a portion of skin to let it breathe and feel the hug of the cold winds. Here, Exy wears one with a shade of black, the spaghetti strap dress helped accentuate her angular shoulder, and gave her a chic yet classic look. 



Puffer Jackets

During Winter or cooler weather, puffer jackets are Exy's go-to because of its thick layers that give her warmth. As seen on these photos, she easily creates a cozy look while really feeling the comfort by just wearing puffer jackets.



Denim Jacket

However, when she opts for a chic style, denim is her primary choice. As flashed below, she easily throws off a chic look by layering denim jacket and matching it with a denim shorts as well. Denim on denim staples although it's very underrated, it surely create a unique statement. Also, denim jackets works with almost any base and are good for layering any tops.


Knitted Jacket

But if you're opting for softer fabric that gives a hug of warmth and comfort, knitted jackets are the perfect and ideal choice. They're also warmer than woven fabrics and goes well with any base, and they can be an inner top when layering. Exy, in particular loves to wear them on her relaxed days, and as seen on the photo, this type of jacket easily revealed her soft side. Thus, achieving a soft-girl look also works well with knitted jackets as long as they were styled right.




One of Exy's favorite hats are beanies and if you scroll in her Instagram, you'll see her pairing these with almost any outfits. But in all honesty, she loves to pair and wear them with any sweaters or jackets whether oversized, wool, or knitted as they easily provide comfort and warmth in head. Here, Exy definitely aimed for cozy style by matching her blue beanie with an oversized jacket and scarf.


Bucket Hat

Meanwhile bucket hats are her alternatives for baseball cap when opting or wearing a casual wear. But in this photo, she specifically paired it with her chic yet swag outfit to add more details while keeping her head covered and warm.


Baseball Cap

However, baseball cap are the winner among the mentioned hats, it's her most favorite hats and surely her go-to. She pairs them with any outfit may it be casual, chic or boyish like what is being flashed below. It easily gave her style more details and statement.




In matters of footwear, sneakers are her favorite go-to because they are stylish and comfortable. These footwear could also pull any look as long as they're worn confidently. For instance, in this photo Exy had worn a gray sneakers which she matched with a playful base paired with darker top, creating a unique casual look. The shades surely doesn't belong in the same palette, but Exy confidently slay her fashion game.


Here, she wears the same base and the same type of shoes. However, she created a perfect balance in her fit by choosing a neutral shade of white for her sneakers and top. Thus, pulling another casual look.



Boots on the other hand, are Exy's favorite performance or dance footwear as they are very chic and stylish. They also easily give each attire a detail like what is shown below. It compliments Exy's top and bottom fit while at the same time elongates and flatters her legs more.



Square Sunglasses

Square glasses works best with round faces, but even without having the shape, you could still rock and wear them like Exy. Here, she wears a retro square sunglasses which made her look timeless, but still keeping the chic vibe.


Wayfarer Glasses

But if you're not into sunglasses, clear glasses are the best alternative in adding a style and statement in your look. For example, Exy elevated her soft-chic look by wearing a clear wayfarer glasses which flatters and emphasize her oval face more.


Here, she wears the same glasses but with a black frame which gave her a more serious look as well as complimented her formal attire, making her look like a professor in university.


Surely, after reading this you were able to have some ideas on how to dress like WJSN's leader, Exy. But, if you're not into boyish and simple fashion styles, read the rest of the WJSN's member's article to discover other unique fashion.

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