Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Hoshi From SEVENTEEN

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Hoshi From SEVENTEEN



Hoshi wears the ideal boyfriend attire, but he doesn't seem to be aware of it. Read on to learn how to dress like him.

Most industry staffs and fans are well aware of the singer's stage presence and skill in performing as the lead dancer, lead vocalist, and a professional rapper. The celebrity grew up in front of everyone because she was the group's cutest member and face, and she was thrust into the spotlight very rapidly. Everyone is familiar with his singer, but before anything else, the singer was a rapper. Slowly but surely, fate drew him closer to his idol, and eventually the largest boy bands in the world were formed.

The singer has stated on numerous occasions that he favors clothing that is far more large, primarily black, and most importantly, comfy. Given his well-toned and muscled figure, he carries it effectively. Wearing loose-fitting clothing softens his appearance and makes it appear less pretentious about what he has below. Although it is the most significant lesson, there is of course much more to the story than just his baggy clothing.

In order for you to copy his look wherever you'd like, we'll delve deeper into the silhouette he prefers to flaunt on numerous articles of apparel in this post.


Tops : Oversized Monochrome Tees 

Black Oversized Shirt with minimal text detail 

Despite the fact that oversized shirts are provided, one thing to watch out for is any potential small details or designs. To give the shirt some life, he frequently wears ones with small lettering or designs like these.

A little additional color may bring liveliness, and it's also quite on style. Minimalistic and delicate may yet be stylish.



Checkered Flannel 

Flannels are an excellent method to dress like a low-maintenance individual. These are incredibly reliable, and Hoshi occasionally loves to layer with them. Long ones can be worn to create a variety of lengths and forms, adding layers of style to the outfit.




Crochet Black Muscle Tee

In this Instagram post, we can see Hoshi wearing a blackmuscle tee paired with denim pants.



Black Muscle Tee

In his another Instagram post, Hoshi shared a photo of himself looking so hot with his black muscle tee. 



White Button-down Shirt

Jay, for example, paired a black pants and a white button-down shirt. To be honest, it really does have a luxurious, old-money scent.



BOTTOMS: Denim Jeans

Denim Jeans with a Knee Cut

Hooshi wore knee-length denim jeans with a muscular graphic t-shirt, a black helmet, and that look. For some reason, this outfit makes me think of rockstar attire.




Wide leg pants 

A pair of pants almost appears to fit him better the baggier they are. With the way he dresses, the baggy on baggy look is very in if you don't want to show off your physique or need it to be flattering at any given time.




Gray dusty brown jogger pants 

A really relaxed vibe is created by neutral and softer colors, which scream boyfriend material! This is the pinnacle of his style and would be quite simple to combine with layers and any kind of sneakers because it appears stylish and put together without trying too hard.





Hoshi is known for being highly obsessed with blazers, as was previously mentioned. The possibilities are endless: he can wear them with his pants, over shirts, vests, and button-down shirts. I believe that this has to do with how he dressed when he was younger and before he came to his senses.

Blue Blazer

Hoshi chose a blue jacket and light-washed denim jeans for a considerably more dressy look.






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