Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Johnny from NCT

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Johnny from NCT



NCT Johnny giving his best of the best ideal outfits that we may look cool like him


NCT Johnny is a member of the NCT boy band from South Korea. The group was created by SM Entertainment in 2016 and has since grown to be one of the most well-known and prosperous ensembles in the K-pop sector. Johnny is a dancer, rapper, and singer in the group; his real name is Seo Young-ho. He is well-known for his good looks and fluid dancing abilities and was born in Chicago, Illinois. Johnny is making a noise in the fashion industry these days, with his hotness and coolness, NCT Johnny is now a pro fashion icon internationally. 

Although he was born abroad Johnny never forget that is  a Korean national, as you can see he really loves to dress up with his Korean clothes. Johnny loves dressing up as much as he wanted. Well if you wanted to dress up like him too, this blog will surely help you dress up like NCT Johnny.


TOPS: Shirts

White Graphic Shirt

NCT Johnny loves wearing shirts because he feel more comfortable and also white oversized shirts are always fashionable to look at.



Plain White Shirt

Well plain white shirt is always the best it can be paired in anything you have at the same time you will look cool while wearing these.



Pink Shirt

Pink shirts will be always iconic! if you want to spice up your outfit by just wearing simple shirt, choose the pink one. It will always be one of the best options if you want o look amazing and cute on your outfit like Johnny. 



BOTTOMS: Wide Leg Pants

Wide Leg Denim

A perfect denim pants to be paired with your favorite sneaker like NCT Johnny.



Wide Leg Cargo Pants

This maybe one of the best pants that NCT Johnny has. Look at him wearing this awesome pants that literary made him look so very hot.



Green Denim Pants

Wanna look aesthetic and cool at the same time? Well try to partner your chosen top with this green denim pants. The cool vibe it gives is in another level plus it really gives a unique aura.



JACKETS: Cool Jackets

Brown Leather Jacket

Well as we all know, Johnny really making his name in the fashion industry especially abroad that is why he dress up so cool and amazing and if you really want to dress up like him too try to wear this kind of brown leather jacket too!



Graphic Trench Coat

What a perfect trench coat to wear abroad right? If you are tired of wearing plain coats try this one like NCT Johnny, this kind of coat really gives you a vibe of fashionista.



White Denim Jacket

Well white jacket is really awesome especially when when it is denim one. Try to have this kind of jacket too like NCT Johnny.


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