Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jungwon From ENHYPHEN

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jungwon From ENHYPHEN

We have finally arrived at our 4th Generation Idols series, starting with the 4th Gen fast-rising group, ENHYPEN. ENHYPEN is a 7-member group formed in a survival show called I-LAND. They debuted on November 30, 2020, their first EP, Border: Day One.

     Jungwon In A White Graphic Statement Shirt Paired With Yellow Leather Pants


Yang Jungwon is a South Korean idol that gained fame during his appearance on the survival show I-LAND, where he became a winner and ranked first in the finale episode. Moving on, he was given the position as the lead vocalist, sub-dancer and visual- he's the secret ACE of the group.

      Jungwon In A Pastel Yellow Button-Down Shirt Worn Under A Navy Blue Statement Vest.


Taking this onto his fashion style, his style does revolve around minimalist and comfy clothing. He likes cardigans, hooded jackets, button-up shirts- more on the soft-boy aesthetic. Just clean and refreshing, maintaining the youthfulness he has.


If you're still wondering how ENHYPEN's Secret ACE radiates his fashion style, scroll down for more as we have more to discuss for.



Jungwon likes wearing his shirt simply but putting it on as is or wearing something over it like a layering piece. It depends on how you want your outfit to feel- casual or semi-smart casual.

Plain White Shirt

Starting with the basics, Jungwon can be seen wearing these plain white shirts as loungewear while chilling in what seems to be their dorm.


Graphic white tee

Does it look too casual for you? You could also opt for blazers if you would like to. In this picture shared by Jungwon, he can be seen wearing some blazers over his graphic white tee.




A button-down shirt could be the perfect wear for you if you want to achieve a more conservative look. It is also an excellent layering piece over your white plain shirt if you want a more casual feel.

Blue And White Vertical Striped Button-Down Shirt

For example, are these blue and white vertical striped button-down shirts Jungwon wore over his white t-shirt. A khaki shorts for buttons and you're ready to go for the beach.


Blue And White Vertical Striped Button-Down Shirts

Sometimes, layering could be hotter to wear too. You could wear them just like this photo of Jungwon wearing these blue and white vertical striped button-down shirts for ease of feeling. It seems like he has a thing for striped button-down shirts. 



Sweatpants are one of the bottoms Jungwon likes to wear, especially in the dance practice room. Although a lead dancer in ENHYPHEN, Jungwon often shares himself in the dancing room in sweatpants. 

Black sweatpants

Example number one is Jungwoon in black sweatpants. He partnered them with some graphic hooded jackets and black beanies. He looks tall in this outfit as the black sweatpants elongated his legs even more.


Black Sweatpants With Graphic Highlights On The Side

Another picture of him in sweatpants, but this time with Jay. Jungwon is wearing some black sweatpants with graphic highlights on the side. He then partnered them with some gray hooded jackets.


Gray Sweatpants 

Jungwon put on some gray sweatpants and a hooded jacket to create a monochromatic look. He topped the face with a bomber jacket for a more strong aura.




Jungwon is also a fan of trousers. He likes wearing them on different occasions- going on trips or making Tiktok Challenges with his label mates. Trousers are a great alternative to denim pants, plus it is much comfier to wear since it is very lightweight. 

Tan trousers

For this first picture, we could see Jungwon sporting these tan trousers he partnered with some windbreakers. This is such a perfect fit, especially during the cold weather. 


Black Trousers

In a TikTok Challenge he did with his labelmates, SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan and Seungkwan, Jungwon can be seen wearing some black trousers he partnered with baby blue pullovers. Great dance skills!


Cream-Colored Trousers

In another Tiktok Challenge he did with his co-member, Sunoo, Jungwon can be seen sporting these cream-colored trousers with a blue knitted cardigan over his white t-shirt. Such a perfect soft-boy aesthetic fit.




When it comes to outerwear, Jungwon loves wearing textured cardigans. He especially loves wearing cardigans in pastel colors that fit his aesthetics well.

Baby blue cardigan

In this photo, Jungwon can be seen sporting a baby blue cardigan over his white tucked-in shirt in black denim pants. I do think blue is his color.


Avocado Green Cardigans

For a bit change of color wheel, Jungwon, in this picture, is wearing these avocado green cardigans he put over his plain white shirt. He partnered the layered top with some cream-colored trousers.




Hooded jackets are another outwear Jungwon loves to wear. He sometimes wears them as it is but also likes wearing them with something over it. It can be worn with a different bottom, so it should not be a worry when wearing one.

Bright Green Hooded Jacket

Jungwon is in a bright green hooded jacket for a shooting. Very eye-catching color.


Gray Hooded Jacket

Hooded jackets are also a good layering piece. In this photo, Jungwon can be seen wearing a gray hooded jacket under this button-down jacket and sweatpants.




Jungwon likes wearing glasses, especially clear ones, and he often wears them when he does V-lives - somewhat essential, especially since these lives are spontaneous and they don't have make-up on. Moving on, I'll be sharing some pictures of you of Jungwon wearing some glasses that are not taken on V-lives.

Clear Glasses With A Transparent Frame

This picture of Jungwon wearing clear glasses with a transparent frame. These glasses are pretty famous for idols to wear.


Tinted Orange Gradient Glasses

Making it fancier, Jungwon wore these tinted orange gradient glasses in the nearby city. The denim matches the glasses so well!



Black Textured Beanies

Jungwon has a favorite type of hat to wear- the black beanies. He used them so much that, I guess at this point, he can't live without them- he wears them when practicing, recording, and even traveling. 

In this example, Jungwoon wore these black textured beanies, he partnered with a layered top: a black shirt and navy blue cardigan and sweatpants in the dancing room.


Hooped Earrings

It looks like someone finally pierced his ears. Yang Jungwon finally revealed to his fans for the first time on April 01, 2022, his pierced ears. He pierced his right and left ears, making him the 5th member to have his ears pierced. After some healing time, he likes wearing hooped earrings for those holes and slaying them.





White Sneakers

Jungwon likes wearing white sneakers. He loves them so much that he takes them to dance practices, travels, or use them as his daily shoe. Quite reasonable as they are that easy to use and could go well with other outfits. 

An example is this all-black outfit of him he partnered with white sneakers. Sunoo is wearing white sneakers in this, too- it seems like a matchy-matchy outfit.


White Crocs

Aside from White Shoes, Jungwoon also likes wearing crocs, predominantly white. In this TikTok video, we could also see him wearing some white crocs. It goes well with his pullover and cream-colored trousers.



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