Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Kazuha From LE SSERAFIM

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Kazuha From LE SSERAFIM

Photo credits: SOURCE MUSIC

As a mixed-blood (Korean-American) member of Le Sserafim, Yunjin possess an almost perfect visuals which she flaunts best using her fashion sense.

Huh Yujin, also known for her English name, "Jennifer Huh" is the multiracial member of Le Sserafim who had an exotic visuals, an almost perfect face proportion. Many fans noticed how captivating she is, and couldn't help but to center their attention to he. In fact, she instantly earned her popularity in their Fearless teaser. Today, we would break down several of her outfits to give you an idea of how she impeccably dolls herself up to highlight that unique beauty.



White Polo Shirt

Yunjin flaunts her unique beauty by pulling a chic look. As flashed below, she styled her white polo shirt by folding it a little, making it look like a crop top, then she paired it with a black miniskirt.


White Shirt with "Lots Love You" Print

Yunjin captured everyone's heart below as she knot her white shirt with minimalist print and paired it with a cargo pants and Nike sneakers, achieving a perfect chic look.


White Jersey Shirt

Yunjin sported a white jersey shirt and wore a spaghetti strap crop top as her inner cloth to leave her shirt open, creating a sexy sporty style.



Wide Leg Cargo Pants

The mixed-blood idol strut like a model below as she posed with her cream wide leg cargo pants which she paired with a knitted shirt, and finished off by pulling a converse shoes. 


Black Flare Pants 

Yunjin made sure to look fabulous as she received their 4th win. Here, she paired her playful crop top with a black flare pants that is surely flattering. She also wore chunky shoes to cheat her height, and layers of necklace is essential when highlighting her sexy neck.


Denim Pants

In her concept photo below, Source Music made sure to highlight her ethereal look by dressing her simple yet chic looking outfit. As flashed below, she paired her white sports bra with a denim base and finished the look with a white Nike sneakers.



B&W Ensemble

Yunjin's stylist definitely deserves a raise as she knew how to exactly unveil her chic and ethereal look. Below, she had worn as buttoned crop top paired with a high rise black shorts, creating a B&W ensemble. Also, she put a chain belt for an additional detail, making the look even more appealing.


Sexy School-styled Fashion

Meanwhile in this photo, her stylist gave a school look with a twist by dressing her with a cropped long sleeves polo with a necktie, paired with a pleated miniskirt. To avoid feeling risqué, don't forget to wear a shorts just like her. Also, a school-styled outfit wouldn't be complete without high-socks.


Black Coordinates

Yunjin look sexily sleek in her black coordinates. A fur crop top definitely shouts for expensive touch. Meanwhile, her leather shorts is nothing but classic, making the look more attractive.



Spaghetti Strap Mini Dress

An LBD is a quintessential piece that every woman has, and Yunjin definitely have one of which just like what is being flashed below. Surely, she looked elegant in her spaghetti strap mini dress.


White Ball  Midi Dress

Meanwhile Yunjin rocked an edgy fashion style as she paired her white ball midi dress with a Nike sneakers, and a baseball cap, creating an eclectic as well.


Black Mini Jumpsuit Dress

Yunjin completely blew fans a way as she performed sexily with this sexy black mini jumpsuit dress embellished with bow top. She also paired this with a knee-high combat boots to make the fit chicer.



Cropped Velvet Jacket

In matters of layering, Yunjin knows how to play her fashion game as flashed below she topped her sparkly tube with this cropped velvet jacket, making the look an A+ chic.


Black Denim Jacket

Meanwhile in the post below, she completed her all black outfit by opting to use this black denim jacket to layer her black crop top, creating an all-black chic fit.


Black Coat

Surely, the photo below only shows how much Yunjin loves layering her inner tube or crop top to transform her fit, making it extra stylish. here, she layered her inner tube with a black coat which she folded a bit for another finer details.



See-through Prada Bucket Hat

Yujin enjoyed her luxurious moment as she had her Prada shoot. Hence, wearing a bucket hat with the name of the big brand is just right.


Fur Leopard Print Bucket Hat

Meanwhile, below Yunjin opted for more comfort without sacrificing so much of her style. So, she paired her winter fit with this fur leopard print bucket hat that gave her more confidence.


Black Nike Baseball Cap

As an idol, it is just right to disguise a little bit when going out in public to prevent getting massive attention and enjoy her personal space, so Yunjin wore this black Nike cap that has nice brim which perfectly covered her face with the help of a mask.



High-cut Nike Sneakers

In completing her sporty yet chic look, she paired her outfit with this Nike high-cut sneakers which added a cool touch even more. Surely, this would allow her to execute her dance moves easily while practicing.


Black Leather Combat Shoes

Meanwhile, in the image below, she matched her midi dress with this black leather combat shoes, creating an edgy yet fashion forward style.


Black Preppy Girl Shoes

While this outfit was already featured previously, let's focus our attention to the shoes. Basically, she opted for a school-styled look but with a modern and chic twist. As preppy girl shoes are the footwear being worn in school, it is just right to pulled them so as to achieve the look she aimed for.



Oversized Square Glasses

Yunjin opted to look more iconic in her Celine outfit by rocking this black oversized square glasses. Surely, it effortlessly made her look more ubercool.


Clear Wayfarer Glasses

Meanwhile, in the embedded post below, she made her formal attire more serious by wearing this clear wayfarer glasses that flattered her eyes even more.


Oversized Round Glasses

On her more relaxed days, she wears an oversized round glasses that perfectly showed off her angular features. But even without having the same facial shape, oversized glasses flatters any face frame.


Certainly, after reading Yunjin's article, you have finally gathered enough points to strut like a K-pop idol.

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