Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like SUGA from BTS

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like SUGA from BTS

Suga from BTS and Agust D are two personas of the same person one look will tell you so 

By Julianne Babaran

Main rapper and the main man himself who is hounded by his fans to marry them, Suga is the epitome of the low key guy who slowly grows on you. As one of the three rappers in the group, the eldest of the unit takes the role of producing and rapping for a lot of their songs. Beyond BTS, he has a long and credible list of associations with other artists of whom he's collaborated and produced songs for. Suga is known for many things, it's as if the man you see and the man who raps about are two different persons. Even so, he takes the lead in many musical aspects behind the scene. 

Being heavily engrossed in the behind the scenes, almost addicted to music (according to Jin), and his shy personality, fashion and style maybe the last thing on his mind. He has a fluid and free style with what he wears and is often not in anything out of the ordinary. It's just one of the charms of being removed, but as part of being in the small line of the group, there are some styles we see repeatedly. 

In this article, we'll break down common items he wears for you to emulate and who knows, maybe he'll marry you. 

Tops : Collared Button Ups and Plain Long sleeves 

Faded Green Button Up Shirt 

Concert Practice things is the perfect place to show the best version of you casual style. He wore a simple white shirt, ripped jeans and a faded sage green button up with his shoes matching it in a similar color. 

Block Button up Shirt Jacket 

Filming shows on the other hand are designed to show off more their distinct "looks". Suga usually wears the most discreet among them. Matching the color of your inner and outer wear to simplify things is usual to-go way of styling. 

Lavender Button Up 

Lavender button up with this gray hair is just beyond beautiful. Our best boy doesn't dress is bold colors yet he still catches attention when the combination of colors are well matched. Notice also he likes to style his silver hoops for these types of shoots. 

Navy Blue Long Sleeve Top 

Long Sleeves are the closest thing he likes apart from a hoodie, he usually opts for different versions of these for dance practices, lounging or an a more fashionable one for official events. 

Basic Black Sweater 

The coincidence of the plain long sleeve is beyond us. There are many different kinds and finding the right texture and fabric for an appropriate event won't look out of style especially in black. Peep again silver hoops. 

Dark Blue Lounge Top 

This is the epitome of the life as a main character as a producer is like.  Lounge or comfy light long sleeves, plain straight leg lounge pants and slippers. There is nothing to hide as this is his true way in his own casual style, no accessories. Just light on light fabric for optimal comfort. But notice the top as silk and the slacks with detail. 

Jackets : Hoodies, Blazer Jacket 

Black Graphic Hoodie 

In peak producer and artist mode, Suga wears a black hoodie with graphic detail at the back. He trails the color all the way down with straight black lounge pants and slides. Next time you wear something like this, opt for slides rather than the white sneakers. 

Navy Hoodie 

Hoodies and hoops are a neutral take for girls as well. For a lot of RUN BTS episodes the rapper just sits back and wears a one piece clothing item with some graphic or colorful detail. Do so only with good hair and minimal accessories. 

Blazer Jacket with Pins 

Dressing up means wearing adding one formal piece of clothing, in this case a blazer! Black ones are particularly very formal looking but he paired it with a light crewneck sweater. The little detail from his silver necklace, earrings and pins make it softer and more approachable than not having then at all. 

Oversized Casual Blazer Look 

The rare times Yoongi poses for photos, he wore the relaxed blazer style look by pairing a plain white tee, slacks and Jordans with gelled up hair. This man has no mercy sometimes. Especially when he goes all out to coordinate his looks. Notice he often adds a keychain attachment when he wears slacks. 

Bottoms: Straight Leg Ripped Jeans, Slacks, Printed Slim Fit Slacks  

Straight Leg Ripped Jeans 

These have been a pair all members have rocked in and out of concert season. The best way to style them is by Suga himself, he pairs it with some loose long sleeves, sneakers and a beret hat. Using simple accessories in each are of the body makes it more put together. 

Printed Lounge Slacks 

Straight leg lounge pants are taking over joggers and we are so relieved. Yoongi dresses them with long sleeve and slippers for that effortless look. He swaps tops and shoes accordingly but slim and straight leg pants work particularly well for his stature and is great comfort-wise. 

Printed Slim Fit Slacks

If you're on the shorter side compared to the people you're with, your legs become the best asset. Slimmer fit pants draw more attention, having it in print or pattern distracts the eye and a pointed pair of shoes draw and create length. 


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