HELLO MV Outfits & Fashion Breakdown

HELLO MV Outfits & Fashion Breakdown

 All photos credits to: Treasure via YouTube 



K-pop boy group sensation Treasure says ‘Hello’ with their fashionable and ideal outfits!


On Tuesday, the K-pop group Treasure released its second extended play, "The Second Step: Chapter Two," on the music scene. 
The group debuted five brand-new songs, all of which list the members as composers or lyricists. The next day, a rock remix of the smash song "Darari" will also be included on the physical album. During a live countdown, Park Jeong-woo said, "You can see Treasure with even more charms and improvement through this album that we actively engaged in.

The opening scene of the "HELLO" music video features all of the members of TREASURE sitting or standing in front of a large "HELLO," and the subsequent sequences include the boys in various settings, including an amusement park, a diner, the streets, and more. Meanwhile, only 10 TREASURE members were able to participate in this comeback, as Bang Ye Dam is currently focusing on studying music to improve his potential as a producer, while Mashiho is resting in Japan to recover his health and spend more time with his family.

In the music video for "HELLO," TREASURE also paid tribute to their earlier tracks. Towards the end of the film, you can see signs that read "MMM," "JIKJIN," "MY TREASURE," etc. Another highlight from the music video that Treasure Makers become more happy and excited about is the scene where each member is holding a card that displays several translations of "Hello” including Filipino, Hawaiian, Vietnamese and most importantly their attractive and captivating outfits on their newest music video, to know what kind and concept that the kpop boy “TREASURE” used to wear continue reading this blog!

Concept Look #1: Cool Backstreet Outfit

Treasure members look so cool and swag yet have a little touch of soft aura on their outfits for the first scene of the music video or “HELLO”. The color palette of this concept really made the entire music video. The ideal blue skeleton print jacket catches everyone’s attention, this jacket is so cool and amazing that it is perfect for your night or even day outfits.


Concept Look #2: Warm Summer

With its warm color palette, the second concept made it feel like TREASURE are on their youthful summer. With their colorful outfits, they definitely catch our attention and that is really a nice thing that they are giving us ideas and fashion outfit inspiration for our summer outfits too! 

Concept Look #3: Neon Night

The third concept really amazed me. They litera use a neon concept to make their music video more attractive and colorful. The lights become the accent for their fashionable outfits and it is a nice and perfect combination for their music video. TREASURE showed up with their simple yet elegant looking outfits and it definitely made them stand out.


Concept Look #4: Red and Black Party

And for the very last concept look for their “HELLO” music video, TREASURE members make sure that we will give us a memorable music video ending and they never failed us. Sith their amazing and fun ending scene, TREASURE are all stunning with their black and red outfits that made us fall for them over and over again. It was a nice outfit for this kind of memorable ending performance that we all wanted to have. 

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