Red Velvet Wendy: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Red Velvet Wendy: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Wendy (웬디) is a South Korean soloist, Red Velvet member and part of the SM Entertainment-affiliated girl groups Red Velvet and Girls On Top. On April 5, 2021, she released her debut solo mini album, "Like Water."

Stage Name

 Wendy (웬디)

Real Name

Wendy Shon

Date of Birth

February 21, 1994


160 cm (5’3″) 


 47 kg (104 lbs)


Richmond Hill High School


Singing, Dancing,  finding rare songs, cooking, walking by cafes

City of origin / Country

 Seongbuk-dong, Seoul, South Korea


Singing, Dancing


She is well-liked and loves to hang out with her friends and family. She is warm and friendly, comfortable in social settings, and she has an innate sense of what to say and what not to say.

Ideal Type

Someone who is well-mannered, considerate, and attractive when they laugh. someone similar to her father.

Personal Life

Wendy previously posted YouTube music videos of her singing before joining SM Entertainment. She is skilled on the piano, flute, saxophone, and guitar. She is the only family member who speaks English fluently because she spent her early years in both Minnesota and Canada.


Kpop idol, Dancer, Singer

Hidden Talents

She is also good at rapping.

Brand Endorsements


Fashion Brands Worn


Dating History / Rumors







Wendy Facts

-Wendy was born in Seongbuk-dong, Seoul, South Korea.
-Wendy lived until her fifth year of elementary school in Korea, then she moved to Canada with her older sister, to study abroad.
-She used to live in Canada and study there before she move back to South Korea to pursue her dream to become a Kpop idol.
-She is known for having the strongest vocal in the group.
-She has a very high notes.
-Wendy is known for having many lines in their every songs because of her outstanding vocal.
-Since her debut, Wendy has appeared on the variety shows, We Got Married, King of Masked Singer, Trick and True, Raid the Convenience Store and Battle Trip.
-On King of Mask Singer (episode 43 aired on January 24, 2016), she participated as a contestant with the stage name “Space Beauty Maetel”.
-She made a cameo in the series, Descendants of the Sun and made an appearance in the documentary, SMTown: The Stage.
-Wendy is the main vocalist of the group.
-Wendy has also collaborated with rapper Yuk Ji-dam for the song "Return", one of the OSTs of KBS2's drama Who Are You: School 2015. 
-She released another song "Let You Know" for the soundtrack of the JTBC drama D-Day on October 16. 
-Wendy collaborated with John Legend with their lovely song titled "Written In The Stars".
-She has a vocal range of four octaves, from Eb3 to Eb7.
-Before landing a position as a trainee at SM Entertainment in 2012, she auditioned for Cube Entertainment.
-She placed second in a Fantastic Baby cover song competition in 2012.

-She took part as a soprano in the Richmond Hill High School Show Choir.
-She had 1.5 years of training with SM Entertainment before being cast in 2012.
-She can mimic Lil' Wayne, Louis Armstrong, and Christina Confalonieri.
-Her signature number, 77, is also her favorite number.
-She used to make YouTube videos, but she deleted her account.
-She was a member of the SM Rookies pre-debut team and is bilingual in English and Korean.
-Wendy is renowned for her expressiveness and variety of responses.
-She has piano, guitar, flute, and saxophone skills.
-Her interests include singing, cooking, and locating obscure songs.
-She now has her own room after previously sharing one with Seulgi. The smallest room in the new dorm is hers.
-She has been a vocalist since she was five years old.
-She has a habit of constantly adjusting her brows.
-Her Chinese zodiac sign is a Dog, whereas her western zodiac sign is a Pisces.
-She shared the same year of birth as Seulgi.
-On the Level Up Project, she was given the nickname Wenresa, a play on Wendy and Mother Teresa, in recognition of her reputation as one of the sweetest people they know.
-She is incredibly intelligent and received all A's throughout her academic career.
-She was given the Obama Presidential Awards while she was in eighth grade, and the school's hall of fame now bears her name.
-English, Korean, Spanish, and French are among the four languages she is fluent in.
-Wendy likes any genre of music.
-She would like to learn playing the jazz bass and drums.
-About three years ago, SM Entertainment revealed that Wendy had fallen from a platform during her rehearsal for a solo performance at 'SBS Gayo Daejeon. ' She suffered fractures to her face, the right side of her pelvis, and wrist, and she's already received treatment at the hospital.
-She took a year off for recovery, as she suffered fractures in her pelvis and wrist, as well as facial injuries.
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