This One Shirt by MISBHV Is Taking Over K-Pop Idols Outfits

This One Shirt by MISBHV Is Taking Over K-Pop Idols Outfits

Kpop Idols are Rocking With This Shirt by MISBHV!

It’s definitely a new fave for K-Pop stylists! Maany Kpop Idols are seen wearing this shirt from MISBHV as part of their fashionable performance outfits. LIKE BTS J-Hope who wore this shirt for his performance in Yet To Come In Busan Concert. The shirt became so popular all over the industry as many famouse and top Kpop idols started to wear this. 
The brand MISBHV has recently made waves in the K-Pop business, but this one kind of shirt in particular has made its way into the wardrobes of several idol groups!

The Idols

BTS member J-Hope wore this shirt for his performance on stage as he fire and hypes the crowed wih his amazing-sharp dancing skills and also his fashionable and cool outfit. 


SEVENTEEN Dino appeared in the SEVENTEEN video for "Anyone!" He was dressed in the short-sleeved version, with fingerless gloves and, of course, leather pants." It was perfect for the racetrack set on which the group filmed the video!



The shirt was worn by THE BOYZ' Juyeon for THE BOYZ's Japanese album Breaking Dawn! He wore it with leather leggings and heavy gloves to match the futuristic theme. Fans were taken aback by how good he looked in this shirt. It was so iconic that many people still refer to it as the "Juyeon shirt!"”



For the Breaking Dawn theme, THE BOYZ' Hyunjae also wore the MISBHV shirt! He did, however, wear his with a vest over it and some huge orange glasses. Even though we couldn't see the MISBHV shirt on Hyunjae without the vest in the way, he still looked amazing!



The Shirt

The shirt from MISBHV is now one of trendy shirt among male and even female Kpop idols. Stretch recycled nylon-blend jersey turtleneck, MISBHV Black Sport Active Classic Turtleneck. Throughout, there are jacquard knit stripes and a check design.


MISBHV Black Sport Active Classic Turtleneck

MISBHV Black Sport Active Classic Turtleneck



The Brand

Natalia Maczek, a Warsaw-based designer, began creating T-shirts and sweatshirts for her pals under the handle MISBHV. MISBHV, now a fully-fledged unisex brand helmed by Maczek and creative director Thomas Wirski, maintains the young attitude and DIY ethos of Maczek's first designs. The label's distinct post-Soviet look combines seemingly disparate elements from music, sports, and subcultural movements. The Polish brand's avant-garde clothes and accessories boast handcrafted quality and premium European-sourced textiles, aiming to combine the realms of luxury fashion and streetwear. The brand's characteristic nostalgic, tongue-in-cheek images adorn everything from streetwear essentials to small hoodies and outerwear for stylish four-legged pets.
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