Top 8 DIOR Outfits BTS' Jimin has worn in 2023

Top 8 DIOR Outfits BTS' Jimin has worn in 2023

BTS' Jimin Is Dior's Newest Global Ambassador, Showed Off His Elegance And Fineness!

BTS' Jimin has been selected as a Global Ambassador for Dior, a French luxury fashion house. Jimin is a member of the 21st century pop icon BTS and an artist who shines in various fields such as dance, singing, and composing.

BTS is gaining attention from all around the world with each action it takes, setting trends not just in music but also in other industries like food and fashion both in Korea and internationally.

Officials from all across the world, including the fandom of BTS, Army, are paying close attention to the recent announcement of Dior's selection of global ambassador which includes their idol, Park Jimin.

On the other hand, Jimin has been listed as a Model and Muse in the Fashion Business (BoF) Yearbook, 'Class of 2019', as an official recognition of the world fashion industry, and has been a crucial figure in BTS's selection as a Louis Vuitton Ambassador.

Let's take a look at these eye-catching outfits listed below!

1. JIMIN Flaunted the Dior Summer 2023 Men's Collection

In the released photos of W Korea, Jimin worn several outfits from Dior's summer men's collection, which received recognition for perfectly portraying the brand's modern and classical sensibility with an enigmatic image that depicts both the East and the West's glamorous and captivating ambiance.

2. JIMIN Wore A Boyish Campus Look In The Airport

BTS' Jimin left for Paris, France, via Incheon International Airport on the morning of the 18th to attend the French luxury brand Dior fashion show.
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