TWICE Nayeon: Profile, Height, Statistics, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

TWICE Nayeon: Profile, Height, Statistics, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)


Nayeon is South Korean soloist and a member of the South Korean girl group TWICE under JYP Entertainment. She debuted solo in June 24, 2022 with the mini album “Im Nayeon” and title track “POP!”

Stage Name

Nayeon (나연)

Real Name 

 Im Na Yeon (임나연)

Date of Birth

September 22, 1995


163 cm (5’4″)


47 kg (104 lbs)


Konkuk University


Collecting lipsticks, Singing

City of origin / Country

Sangil-dong, Seoul, South Korea


Dancing, Singing


She has a cute and bubbly personality that makes her more attractive.

Ideal Type

Someone trustworthy and dependable; Someone who can take care of me well; Someone who can handle technology well.

Personal Life

Early life. As a child, Nayeon participated in a modeling contest and was cast by JYP Entertainment (JYPE). Although her mother initially prevented her from entering show business given her young age, Nayeon secretly attended the agency's open audition on September 15, 2010, after which she became a trainee.


Kpop idol, Singer, Dancer

Fashion Brands Worn

Dating History / Rumors



 ISFP (Her former result was ISTP-A)




Nayeon Facts 

-Nayeon was born in Sangil-dong, Seoul, South Korea.

-She is one of the most followed TWICE member on Instagram.

-Nayeon is always the one who go the first line of every TWICE songs.

-She has a sweet and lovely voice.

-She has a bunny teeth that made her look so attractive.

-She has a younger sister named Im Seo-Yeon.

- Her nickname is MC Rail.

-She cannot eat sushi that isn’t salmon sushi, and also cannot eat chicken feet.

-Her favorite color is purple.

-Her favourite sport is badminton.

-She wrote the song ''24/7'' along with Jihyo from their full-length album Twicetagram.

-She prefers wine over spirits, or cocktails containing them, as she was seen spitting cocktails during award shows before.

-She was chosen for JYP’s girl group 6mix but they disbanded and never debuted.

-She sleeps with her eyes open.

-She is close friends with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Jennie since predebut.

-Nayeon is a huge fan of IU.

-One of her hobbies is to collect lipsticks and she has a collection of them. 

-Nayeon was originally set to debut in the girl group 6mix with Jeongyeon, Jihyo and Sana.

-When she was a kid, Nayeon entered a child model contest and got cast by JYP. At the time, her mom refused to let her attend the audition, but 10 years later, in 2010, instead of entering a cram school to study harder, Nayeon secretly attended JYP Entertainment's 7th Open Audition and became a trainee.

-Her left leg is weak due to her being in a car accident when she was still in her childhood days.

- She starred in San E’s “Please Don’t Go” MV, GOT7’s “Girls Girls Girls” MV, Jun.K’s “No Love” Japanese MV, miss A’s “Only You” MV and Jun.K’s “Your Wedding” MV.

-She is scared of the sea.

-She is most confident is making chicken rice, but (according to Jihyo) she’s also really good at making pho.

-She is a big fangirl of F(x) and Krystal, and SNSD’s Taeyeon.

-She is scared of fireworks.

-She is cheerful and always tries to stay positive.

-She is ranked 82th on TC Candler “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2018”.

-On June 24, 2022 Nayeon debuted as a solo artist, with “POP!“.

-She was the first Sixteen member to be announced and also the first member to be confirmed in Twice.

She likes jellies. She likes sweet foods.

-When she’s happy, she raises one arm.

-She has the habit of frowning when she’s focused on something.

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