Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Yuna From ITZY

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Yuna From ITZY

If you're like me, who's a K-pop fan but at the same time a Fashion enthusiast, well, you are lucky today as we are going to dive deeper into some of our favorite rising K-pop idols. 

Itzy's Maknae, Lead Dancer and Main Visual, has gained enormous fans since the beginning of her career. She is known by many K-Pop fans for passing the KBB or the Korean Beauty Standard- large doll eyes and tall height with a great body proportion that everything she wears suits her so much.

Today, as part of the 4th Generation Queens Fashion Style series, we'll dive deeper into Yuna's sense of style.

       Yuna in a black A-line dress 

Yuna likes to dress in black- almost every picture she uploads for her fans online shows that she likes wearing black outfits. She likes mixing and matching different textures or cuts or with different bottoms. Generally, she enjoys experimenting with the garments she has. She sometimes wears a shirt under a dress or eye-catching boots over her basic outfit for more style.

If you're into aesthetics like her, you could take inspiration from her. 



Color is something personal- someone might like to keep to the wardrobe with muted colors for peace, all white, or even all black, just like how Yuna wants hers to be. She likes wearing all-black outfits from head to toe, sometimes including the accessories she wears like handbags, sunnies, and even hats.

She once wore an all-black outfit as her airport outfit - a black tank top, flowy trousers, sunnies, and even her handbag.


 All Adidas Outfit

She also likes experimenting with Adidas clothing as part of her daily life- ITZY had a collaboration with Adidas, in case you didn't know, but she knows how to build an outfit based on the athletic wardrobe they are given with. She usually wears them when they are practicing in their dancing rooms.


 All-Black Outfit One-Off Shoulder Knit Sleeve Top and Black Denim Pants

And here, when they had activities outside the city, she had experimented with the designs, as well as the textures, since she already had an all-black outfit. She wore one-off shoulder knit sleeves, black denim pants, and a long chain necklace. 



Set outfits are the way to go especially if you don't have the time to think of an outfit instantly. Some people likes wearing them as they are easier to find, and if you like experimenting, you could pair them too with the garments you already have in your wardrobe.

Coordination Outfits Of Plaid Sleeveless Top And A Box Pleated Skirt 

In this example, Yuna can be seen wearing a coordination outfits of plaid sleeveless top and a box pleated skirt. This could also be used as an onstage outfit but is also perfect to use during the summer.


Combination Of Lounge Pants And Sleeveless Top 

A combination of lounge pants and sleeveless top could be your favorite if you wanted to create an illusion of having longer body than the reality. Although Yuna is the tallest in her group, she has elongated her legs even more with this outfit, especially because of the shoes.



With the sleeve top, it seems like Yuna likes experimenting with colors in this type of top. She likes wearing different-sleeved tops, but she mostly goes for those with textures like knits or pastel colors, or sometimes with crazy designs.

Blue Knitted Sleeve Top 

In these pictures, she was wearing knitted sleeve tops for more texture in the outfit. She likes wearing pants - it could also be with screaming patterns or keeping it simple while wearing denim ones.


Fuzzy Black Top

She also likes wearing them in fuzzy textures with gold accessories, plaid bottoms, or combinations of designs for a different pop.



Yuna likes experimenting with shirts - it could be oversized ones, cropped, graphic tees or used with something over it. She usually likes to partner them with shorts or pants or sometimes skirts.

White Ribbed Shirt

Once, she has worn these white ribbed shirt under a body-fitting dress for a chic look. This has been a trend in South Korea since almost every girl has done something - either wearing it underneath or over the dress. You could also try wearing these with ankle-length white sneakers.


Black Crop-Top

She also likes to wear her black crop-tops with either skirts or pants as long as it has the same color as the top. The graphic tee one, however, has made such an edgier look.


White Oversized Shirt

White Oversized shirts are heaven to wear- it feels so comfortable and fresh at the same time, especially for her who wear fitted outfits while performing. 



Light Washed Denim Pants

Light-washed Denim Pants is a way to go, especially if you like crop tops just like in this photo. It creates a small space between your stomach, creating an illusion of a little curve in your body. 


Denim Shorts With A Distressed Hem

Denim shorts come in various styles and wash, and depending on the look you are looking for, you could use this in your outfits, especially during the summer and autumn. Yuna likes wearing denim shorts with a distressed hem and knitted pullovers for a more preppy look. If you would like to create this, you could wear this with a pair of ankle-length boots.



Black Body-Con Dress

Her love for fitted wear is very evident when it comes to dresses. She loves wearing body con dresses as they flatter your figure so much, and they are also very chick and easy to wear. In this photo, Yuna is wearing a black body-con Prada Dress. You could try matching them with a pair of high heels for a more formal look or with a leather jacket and white sneakers for a casual but effortless look.


White Fuzzy Dress

Fuzzy clothes, in general, are very comfortable to wear- it provides you a good amount of warmth but still look stylish for others to see. Yuna loves wearing fuzzy dresses in a youthful manner because she seems pretty young when she does one just like this white fuzzy dress she is wearing. You could try wearing this type of clothing with a pair of sandals that matches the color of your top.



Black Fuzzy Pullovers

As I have mentioned earlier, Yuna loves to wear fuzzy clothing. In terms of pullovers, she loves wearing them with other outerwear or using in as outerwear just like what she did with the black fuzzy pullovers here. She likes experimenting with different cloth textures when she does layering. You could also try wearing plain textured innerwear if you're going to use a fuzzy pullover as outerwear or wear plain textured outerwear if you're going to use it as innerwear.


Fandango Hooded Jacket

Layering is one of the best options when the atmosphere is too cold to handle. In a picture uploaded by Yuna, she can be seen wearing two different types of jackets, a university jacket and the fandango hooded one. You could also try this but make sure that your innerwear is not too large so it would look good.



Yuna likes wearing different types of sunnies, normal-looking ones, tinted, or even heart-shaped ones, and one thing for sure, she looks good wearing them. 

Wayfarer Glasses

In this photo, Yuna wears her black wayfarer glasses that go well with her all-black outfit.


Green-Tinted Rectangular Glasses

In this photo, Yuna wears her  Green-tinted Rectangular Glasses for a fun and party look.


Yuna likes wearing hats. She likes wearing different kinds of caps, which could be knit or baseball ones; nevertheless, she still rocks and gives a different aura when she does. When she wears knitted hats, she gives off calming nature, and with baseball, she gives off a strong aura.

Black Baseball Hat

In this photo, Yuna is wearing a black baseball hat with her tank top and gray midi-skirt, perfect for casual days.

Cream-colored knitted Hat

In this photo, Yuna is wearing a Cream-colored knitted Hat with her sweat-long sleeves, perfect for lounging and chill days.


It seems like I'm not the only one still obsessed with high-top shoes. It's easy to style and comes; additionally, it also comes in different colors. You could wear it with denim shorts, straight-cut pants, and even dresses.

Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Black

In this photo, Yuna is wearing a Chuck Taylor All-Star Classic in Black that she paired with her all-black outfit.


Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Red

In this photo, Yuna is wearing a Chuck Taylor All-Star Classic in Red that she paired with straight-cut jeans and a cream-colored tank top.


White shoes are a must-have if you want to keep your capsule minimal. It could go well with almost any outfits you plan to wear. The only key here is to choose the right type - you could opt for low-ankle ones if you're going for a classier look or knee-length boots, just like this photo for a more sophisticated look.




If you like reading fashion articles like this, You could also check out ITZY's Main Vocalist, Lia, here.

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