10 Times ITZY Wore "SNEAKERS" and Rocked It

10 Times ITZY Wore "SNEAKERS" and Rocked It

ITZY recently released their fifth mini album CHECKMATE, and it debuting as 8th on Billboard 200 chart says a lot about the group’s success. With its title track being SNEAKERS, a funky upbeat pop song that expresses the group’s desire to make it to the top with their sneakers on, it’s no question why many fans were excited about this comeback. Now except for their song being a bomb, the girls also showcase outfits to die for within the music video. Each member is seen rocking some SNEAKERS while still managing in looking classy. This isn’t the only time ITZY members looked good in wearing SNEAKERS. We’re here to list down times when each ITZY members wore SNEAKERS and rocked it!

1. Airport Fashion

Photo credits to: MK 스포츠

Now, it’s not a secret that idols tend to (unconsciously) make the airport as their runway. We’re seeing here ITZY’s Lia, making her way through the airport rocking a white sneaker, some jeans and a see-through top. She makes it effortlessly look gorgeous with her hair laid down.


2. Music Shows

Photo credits to: News1

On her way to a music show, ITZY’s Yeji wore a plain white sneaker, partnering it with a light beige trousers and a popping orange top. She makes it a simple yet classy outfit, just right for her Louis Vuitton travel pouch.

3. Baseball Game

Photo credits to: MK 스포츠

Going to a baseball game? Look effortlessly beautiful just like Yeji and Yuna with a pair of white sneakers while wearing your favorite team’s jersey tucked in to a high waisted short. These two managed to pull the sporty look with this outfit.

4. Variety Shows


Photo credits to: Weekly Idol

One thing fans looks out for the most are their favorite’s variety shows. Here we can see Yuna wearing a pair of sneakers on their guesting in Weekly Idol. Now we all know how fun the activities are whenever idols a visiting Weekly Idol. It requires a lot of dancing and games. It’s only reasonable to wear some comfortable shoes. Still makes her adorable as she can be.

5. Regular Day Out



ITZY’s Yeji flaunting her Addidas sneakers while on a what seems like a regular day out. If you’re out for walk with friends, or just a simple run in the park, this is a go to look for sure!

6. Practice Videos


A personal favorite is whenever a group releases a new song is their practice videos. We can see here all of ITZY’s member wearing sneakers, a must have if you’re dancing like them! This is when we can see our favorites in their most comfortable clothing as they go over their routine for their dance.

7. Collaboration

Photo credits to: ITZY x ANDAR "Soul Full of Andar" Collection

In collaboration with Andar (a Korean athletic/yoga brand), ITZY had a photoshoot for their collection. ITZY members Yeri, Ryujin and Chaeryeong posed for with their athletic clothing all of them rocking some sneakers. Definitely a look that we'd steal for some gym session.

8. Photoshoot

Photo credits to: NYLON

Aesthetically pleasing to look at, we have Ryujin posing for NYLON's 2020 issue. Looking like a doll wearing a black dress and pairing with some sneakers, who knew a combination like this can be a look!

9. Idol Radio

Photo credits to: MBC Idol Radio

Now this is one of my top favorite pictures of ITZY. With their guesting in Idol Radio, we can see the versatility of their styles from this picture. A bonus that all of them are wearing sneakers! These girls never fails in serving us some looks we can steal for every type of occasion.

10. Music Video

Photo credits to: JYP Entertainment

Now to top it all off, with their latest music video "SNEAKERS", all of the members were seen wearing the obvious fashion staple. The video showed us how ITZY can dominate even with their sneakers on! All of the outfits are pleasing to the eyes and is definitely something we'd love to confidently wear just like these girls!
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