All Of BLACKPINK Rose's Outfits In 'On The Ground'

All Of BLACKPINK Rose's Outfits In 'On The Ground'

Taking a new angle, Rose sings in full English for her first solo debut, the soulful pop song is a story and epiphany reflected from her past. 

By Julianne Babaran

All Photo Credit : YG Entertainment

The New Zealand born singer turned K-pop sensation, Rose from BLACKPINK released her solo debut song 'On the Ground' with a humbling and comforting message. Singing in full English for a change, the song shares her emotions in reaching her goals and reflecting on her past love. Seemingly communicating that we as fans, don't see or don't know the full picture with the line 'Nah, but they don't hear me though'. The pop song holds more meaning than it seems and we are all ears! 

Numerous scenes puts focus on the her angelic vocals as she donned multiple outfits. Read more to see what she wore as she put them in action. 

Look #1 As the start of the MV, Rose wears a familiar color in the form of a fuchsia pink multi layered gown with a light black scarf paired with a black laced up platform boots. 

Look #2 Showing the desolation that comes with work, she donned a simple cropped tee with a wide neckline paired with black shorts and an oversized fur coat. 

Look #3 Classic Rose style, she wore dusty blue rose ruche-stitched top with a black sash to cinch in the waist and and oversized black coat. 

Look #4 Even when decked out in fashion, it can feel empty inside. For this scene she wore an all black ensemble, with a black studded top, black shorts with a long feathered train and puff sleeves. 

Look #5 To match an angelic voice, you need an angel fit appropriate dress. Here with a simple styled hair and makeup, she wore a sequin and studded top with a multi layered skirt with pleated printed detail. 

Look #6 The running scene was iconic, here's a the full look on the outfit. She wears an all white fitted dress with multiple textures, featuring a laced and feathered sleeve on top and a tweed and jewel design by lower half. 

Look #7 Way up in the clouds, we didn't know we could have multiple Roses! In this scene she wore a white tube dress with a large rose design on the front and white stilettoes. 

Look #8 Way up in the clouds vs But I've figured it out. Here she wears a crop long sleeved top structured by the shoulder with a white lace design paired with plain black bottoms and a bold wide black hat. 

Look #9 Mellowing down in this scene, she wears a white text loose tee, with a fur cardigan and white socks. 

Look #10 Roses are Rosie, and this picture is a testament. She wore a dusty pink dress filled with tulle detail all the throughout the sleeves, body and skirt. Floating away and remembering everything is truly on the ground!

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